The 'GaryVee' 4 Quadrants Of Consistent Lead Acquisition

November 15, 2020 Abdulaziz M Alhamdan M.Sc. Episode 43
The 'GaryVee' 4 Quadrants Of Consistent Lead Acquisition
The 'GaryVee' 4 Quadrants Of Consistent Lead Acquisition
Nov 15, 2020 Episode 43
Abdulaziz M Alhamdan M.Sc.

GaryVee Does 4 Things You Can Use Today To Get Results.

"Getting Lucky" is not a viable strategy for acquiring new customers and converting more leads.

Most businesses randomly grope in the dark... just... long enough... to luck into some revenue, and NOT fall deep into the abyss of bankruptcy.

Most don't even know this is the vicious cycle they're on until it's way too late.

But the best marketers have already figured a way out of this fog of confusion (Including GaryVee and even P.T. Barnum).

Listen to get the whole scoop.

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GaryVee Does 4 Things You Can Use Today To Get Results.

"Getting Lucky" is not a viable strategy for acquiring new customers and converting more leads.

Most businesses randomly grope in the dark... just... long enough... to luck into some revenue, and NOT fall deep into the abyss of bankruptcy.

Most don't even know this is the vicious cycle they're on until it's way too late.

But the best marketers have already figured a way out of this fog of confusion (Including GaryVee and even P.T. Barnum).

Listen to get the whole scoop.

Episode Music: THBD - Good For You.

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# The 'GaryVee' 4 Quadrants Of Consistent Lead Acquisition

"Getting Lucky" is not a viable strategy for acquiring new customers and converting more leads.

Most businesses randomly grope in the dark... just... long enough... to luck into some revenue, and NOT fall deep into the abyss of bankruptcy. 

Most don't even know this is the vicious cycle they're on until it's way too late.

But the best marketers have already figured a way out of this fog of confusion (Including GaryVee and even P.T. Barnum).

Listen to get the whole scoop.

## LinkedIn Misadventures:

I was forced to discover these 4 Quadrants of Lead Flow Consistency. It wasn't a choice.

Exactly 3 years ago, I decided to master LinkedIn Proactive client outreach.

I decided to give it all my focus. 
100% of my energy and resources.

And I kept track of what happened.

It was a true roller-coaster.

Some days, I got qualified prospects who were excited to start!
And most other days passed leaving behind the deadly silence of cemeteries worldwide.

My lead flow was horribly inconsistent. And I knew this just isn't right: Something was wrong with my lead generation.

## My Quest Started

So I went on a full-on quest to really look deep into what successful Marketers are doing.

Where do they get their leads? 
How do they get their brand awareness? 
What are they doing... that works?

And the whole thing was very confusing at first.

GaryVee seemed to follow a strategy that is slightly similar to Grant Cardone but different from Tony Robbins and absolutely contrary to James Clear, Mark Manson, and Dan Kennedy.

I knew there was a pattern. And I had to figure it out.

## The Metaphor Of The New Town

Then, by immersing myself deep into all their marketing, a metaphor began forming in my head.

And I think this is one of the most important ideas you'll hear so far. it will make the 4 Quadrant model much easier to grasp when I share it with you in a few minutes:

Imagine you've started a new town.

This town needs more people. More life. More flow of incomers.

At first, there are no roads leading to your new town. So, only the brave will muster the courage to ride through uncertainty and start a fresh life among your people.

This is how your business is at first.

But, to get this town to thrive, you have to create roads for people to come. To help them find it easier to take the journey, and for the word to spread about your new town.

First, you build a road to the nearest city. And suddenly, a trickle of people begin to flow.

But as you know, most people don't like taking risks. 

So, your number of incomers is a limited percentage of the people in the nearby city.

Let's say 2% of the people in that city you've connected with are willing to unroot themselves, take up, and leave.

That's your maximum best case scenario: Just 2%! 

But what if you built a new road to another city?

Suddenly... with two roads to two different cities, you double your access to the people who want to start a new life.

Your city will grow twice as large, and life will be injected twice as often.

Then, what if you built 4 roads to 4 different cities?

Suddenly... it will seem like every day there are 4 times as many new people arriving to your city because you opened up 400% opportunities for growth.

That's success! And That's beautiful.

And what if you took it even further?

Not everyone is willing to travel on the road for weeks to get to your town.

What if you built a seaport for boats to anchor, and an airfield for airplanes to land.

Now, you're touching more demographics. 
Now, rich people who want to take the Concord and visit your place (and maybe fall in love with the scenery and stay) will have a quick and comfortable option.

And those who love the sea, the waters, and the ocean: the sea adventurers and the fishermen will have more reasons to come.

Suddenly, with more paths open, you have access to more people, more new settlers.

Your city thrives. It turns into an El Dorado. 

All because you systematically built the paths your ideal clients can take, rather than waited for good luck with unplanned sprints of activity when the leads go dry.

This metaphor makes it easier to understand the 4 Quadrants of Lead Flow Consistency.

## The 'GaryVee' 4 Quadrants of Lead Flow Consistency

This model is built on 1 simple premise: People differ and therefore they like to consume content on the internet differently.

Some people are readers, they prefer to read a book over listening to an Audiobook.

Some people are listeners. They prefer to listen to a Podcast or to a Youtube video playing in the background rather than watching.

Other people like live interactions, to feel they're part of something happening in the moment. While others prefer to save what interests them for later.

And I noticed the biggest names in Marketing do create channels that get new Leads, Prospects, and clients based on the way people prefer to consume content and Ads.

Now, the first quadrant is: AudioVisual Recorded. 

You can see this in full display used by GaryVee: His YouTube videos, his TikTok skits, his Podcast.

All recorded and waiting for the right people to go through that content at their own pace.

Then, you have his second Quadrant is: AudioVisual Live.

This is what happens, as the French say "en direct".

People can call GaryVee live on his phone line to get their questions answered.

His Audience can also call him on Zoom to share their problems as he gives them answers on the spot.

Live interactions, for people who need to experience things as they're happening.

The third Quadrant is: Text Recorded.

GaryVee confesses: He isn't a writer.

But he has people writing for him.

Whether it's his multiple books, or turning his transcripts into blog posts, or even memes (which some are part of Text Recorded)... He's satisfying the readers, bringing them into his sphere.

And I am a Reader. It's my favorite way to learn.

Finally, the fourth Quadrant is: Text Live.

GaryVee does this using a service called Community. 

He has a phone number where people can text him and he answers back live.

Then, the generation of people who grew up texting will find it simple and easy to connect with the GaryVee brand, and some of them will open new doors to him.

As he said in one of his interviews:

He wanted to land a Fortune 100 client.

Those clients are too set in their ways to hire him. GaryVee isn't really their style.

But one day, the kid of a Fortune 100 CEO became a big fan.

And that kid lobbied, pleaded, and pressured his father to hire GaryVee to take care of the Social Media Marketing for that Fortune 100 company.

It was a deal worth tens of millions of dollars a year.

And you know what? GaryVee got that deal just because he built a path where a teenager found him on TikTok or texted him on Community, and suddenly, something big happened.

There is a very important lesson in that story.

And it isn't just modern marketers like GaryVee who follow this 4 Quadrant Lead Flow model.

## The P.T. Barnum and Gail Wynand Example

Even P.T. Barnum almost 150 years ago built a fortune for the Barnum & Bailey Circus this way. Or if you prefer a fictional character, Gail Wynand from Ayn Rand's The Foundainhead followed this same strategy almost to a T.

For the first Quadrant: AudioVisual Recorded... 

P.T. Barnum had hundreds of flyers with pictures of freaks calling people to come see the shows at his circus.

For Gail Wynand, it was his photos on the magazine he owned, The Banner, showing him flying all across the world, jet setting, and building his brand this way when most other people couldn't.

The second Quadrant: AudioVisual Live...

At the time, the only AudioVisual Live interaction possible was human interaction.

Direct sales, word of mouth, and referrals.

P.T. Barnum employed people who went near his Circus soliciting people to buy a ticket and see the freak show. And this was surprisingly effective.

For Gail Wynand, he used this indirectly to build his brand: People kept people talking about him. Gossiping about his latest infamous misadventures. And therefore, the word of mouth created is the AudioVisual Live channel that grew his brand.

The third Quadrant: Text Recorded...

P.T. Barnum recognized the power of distributed text. So he distributed daily text flyers telling incredible stories about shenanigans happening in his Circus all across the city.

Barnum opened this channel to get more leads and more visitors to his Circus.

Gail Wynand owned a highly popular magazine and he controlled everything written in it. He used it to push his agenda, to create his legend, and to distribute text at scale. This made him a celebrity all across the city.

Then, the final Quadrant: Text Live...

This was not possible at the time. 

And we are lucky today to have access to so many tools and channels that people just 20 years ago would cut their left hand just to access for 60 minutes or less.

Yet, most people don't take this strategic view nor plan the channels where their leads will come from, to make sure they have a nice diverse set of roads all leading to your business, always bringing fresh leads.

## The Case of R.L.

Just last week, I had a call with a great coach. Her name is R.L. and she built her business on just 1 quadrants. 

No wonder her business started giving her headaches.

What happened is: 4 years ago, she wrote on Reddit and her posts went viral.

Leads poured onto her email list.

It was a time of constant feast for her business.

But today, her Reddit posts went dry.

The usual hundreds of leads that came through Reddit shrunk to 1 or 2 a day.

Her business is at risk. Her future income depends on what she does today.

And the right plan will maximize her best skills to build at least 1 lead channel from each quadrant. Then, her table will have 4 legs to firmly stand on and support her for many many years to come.

## What I'm Doing Today

For me, personally: I am building these channels. 

What I'm doing is:

For the first Quadrant -- AudioVisual Recorded: This Podcast is the prime example of this channel in action.

And you can create much more for your business and brand:

* YouTube Videos
* Free Online Video Courses
* AudioGrams and VideoGrams
* LinkedIn Videos
* Being Interviewed by Influencers
* Video Ads for Your Products.

And much, much more.

The second Quadrant -- AudioVisual Live: 

Right now, my workflow isn't optimized for live AudioVisuals, but I am planning to get a good camera, good lights, and start doing Live Q&As on YouTube. We'll see when this happens as I'm building the other Quadrants first.

I've learned from Peter Drucker something, which is: To focus on making what you're doing well done even better before you start improving what is mediocre.

Third Quadrant is -- Text Recorded: 

I'm a writer, It's my strength, and therefore I've been building this Quadrant for a while: 

Whether it's the transcripts to each episode of my Podcast, or my posts on Medium, or Tweets, LinkedIn Articles, and Quora answers... a wealth of roads are out there spreading the word on StoryBonding.

To take this further, I am in the planning stage of starting a free email Newsletter, with this tagline: "Become A Legend By Emulating Legends," where I analyze the stories that made brands and people legendary and turn them into templates you can start using in your content, marketing, branding and even in your conversations today. Then, you will use story templates proven to work, and you'll always have fresh new stories that make you interesting to your audiences. 

But this depends on whether people are interested, or whether it's better that I keep this project private. 

If this free Newsletter Idea is interesting for you, email me to: and let me know, so that I see there is a demand for this newsletter that will give you simple templates based on stories proven to work you can use and get results.

If enough people email me, I'll make creating this a priority.

The Final Quadrant, Text Live, is a love-hate for me.

## What I Really, Really Value

I am a man who values Tranquility.

Peace of Mind is in my Top 5 values.
I can't live a hectic overwhelming life. That's the opposite of what brings me joy and happiness.

It's even in the 3 Pillars of what I stand for:
* No Regrets: To take every opportunity.
* No Overwhelm: To simplify business effectively.
* No Stagnation: To learn and grow every day.

These are the values I stand for. 

If these 3 values are meaningful to you, then you're part of my family, you're in the right place on this Podcast. 

If not, then we're not compatible, and I hope you'll find your fix somewhere else.

Anyway, since I value Tranquility, live texting upsets my peace. I noticed that after receiving too many messages a day, my focus lowers, my stress gets up there... and I don't like that at all.

However, to make sure I don't leave this Quadrant as a weakness for my business, I do live Quora sessions for 2 hours a week where I open live questions for those who follow me, and I promptly respond.

It's a good compromise for the moment.

## The Usual Mistakes

Now, there are 3 mistakes people can make when implementing the 4 Quadrants of Lead Flow Consistency in their businesses and brands:

### Mistake 1 -- Only building channels in 1 Quadrant

Let's return to the New Town metaphor. This is like building all your roads up North, while there are nice cities to your East, West, and South.


There is a concept in Investment called having a Diversified Portfolio.

And hard math proves that a Diversified Portfolio makes more money than putting all your eggs in one basked.

So--to get the best results for your business, target all Quadrants. Build all 4 legs of your table right.

### Mistake 2 -- Building Too Many Roads: 

At a first glance, this might seem to contradict the previous advice, but it doesn't.

Imagine your New Town. 

You as the builder of that new town has limited time and money.

And let's say you decided to make 100 roads.

How good will those roads be?

They'll end up being dirt roads with broken sections and large hole where travelers get into accidents, some die, and others will give up and go somewhere else.

It's the same with your business: If you can't give your lead acquisition channels enough attention, build less.

This depends on how many people are helping you.

If you're doing it all by yourself, just choose 1 channel in each Quadrant, and work with those. 

That's more than enough to keep you safe, and help you grow while having a manageable workload.

As you know--I am anti-overwhelm. I consider overwhelm the modern day nemesis and the destroyer of Peace of Mind.

Life does not have to be overwhelming to give you everything you want and more.

Don't fall into the trap of those "hustle harder" snake oil peddlers.

### Mistake 3--Trying to always have original content in each Quadrant: 

I am all for original content, but you need omnipresence: To be present as often as possible in your channels.

This means... repurpose: 

If you record a video, turn the audio into a Podcast, and the Transcript into an Article, and add a Q&A to get some live interaction.

If you write an article, turn a part of it into a tweet, get it read by those nice A.I. voiceovers as a Podcast, and add a video animation to get it on YouTube.

Repurpose. Become omnipresent. You need to be prolific so that your roads aren't thin roads but highways.

And if you'd like help with this, I offer services tailored to your situation to build for you the 4 Quadrants of Lead Flow Consistency into your business so you can have safety and a consistent flow of new prospects coming your way. 

Email me today to: and let's begin a conversation to see whether we're good fit.

## The Secret of GaryVee Marketing

Now, before we end today's episode, I leave you with one of my most viral Quora answers I've ever written. It's packed with value:

The question was: How would Gary Vaynerchuk define marketing?

And my answer is:

GaryVee would define Marketing EXACTLY like this,

Marketing is NOT trying to sell your product.

Marketing is NOT public relations.

Marketing is NOT making ads and getting people into a funnel.

*What is marketing then?*

Marketing is a special way of Publishing Content.

You have to become a Media Company...

Just like CNN, MSNBC, FOX and Netflix.



What is the purpose of marketing?

It is to build a brand people love.

Because the truth is:

There is something more powerful than features and benefits and sales letters and logical arguments and impulse buys and special offers...

What is this ONE thing more important to buying and selling than the offer itself?!

It is the Human Relationship.

And how do people develop relationships?

Humans develop relationships based on two factors:

* Familiarity, which is created through repeated exposure.
* The positive value the relationship adds to their lives.

Then, the more often people see your brand, the more they will like you...

And the more value you share in your content, the more people will like you...

And when you mix BOTH, by being present EVERYWHERE sharing good helpful content...

They will fall in love with you!

The relationship goes deep.

You naturally become their number ONE choice, and they don't care whether your product is the best or isn't.

What matters to them is:

They want to buy from YOU, because it is YOU.

And this comes from understanding relationship building.

That it happens through familiarity and adding value.

That you're a media company, and your first role is to publish good content all the time.

10s of pieces of content. New, Repurposed, Original, Curated content.

Every... single... day...


So that you have more repeated familiarity than your lazy competitors.

That's how you win this game of business.

This is how GaryVee would define Marketing.

And this strategy of adding value and being present is what I'm all about.

## Conclusion

Finally, if you need a sign to take a step forward towards that thing you really want in life, this episode is that sign.

Begin today. Start. GO for it.

The world is hungry for your unique gift.

People who need you are out there lost without you, and they don't even know you exist.

You have to build roads so that they will find you, love you, support you, and change their lives thanks to you.

It's really what life is all about.

Again, if you'd like help with this, email me today here:

Let's change the world together.

Let's elevate. Accelerate. And thrive.


Summary: GaryVee Does 4 Things You Can Use Today To Get Results.

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