What Abraham Lincoln, Madonna & Megan Fox Learned From P______'s Myth

October 01, 2020 Abdulaziz M Alhamdan M.Sc. Episode 40
What Abraham Lincoln, Madonna & Megan Fox Learned From P______'s Myth
What Abraham Lincoln, Madonna & Megan Fox Learned From P______'s Myth
Oct 01, 2020 Episode 40
Abdulaziz M Alhamdan M.Sc.

#040 There is nothing like it...

The 7 letter P____ myth. 

Abraham Lincoln exploited it. 

Megan Fox took advantage of it.

Madonna used it and abused it. 

But  95% of people never do.

What is the 7 letter p ____ myth, and how can it totally transform your life, today?

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#040 There is nothing like it...

The 7 letter P____ myth. 

Abraham Lincoln exploited it. 

Megan Fox took advantage of it.

Madonna used it and abused it. 

But  95% of people never do.

What is the 7 letter p ____ myth, and how can it totally transform your life, today?

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Podcast Music: THBD - Good For You

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# What Abraham Lincoln, Madonna & Megan Fox Learned From P______'s Myth

There is nothing like it...

The 7 letter P____ myth. 

Abraham Lincoln exploited it. 

Megan Fox took advantage of it.

Madonna used and abused it. 

But 95% of people never do.

What is the 7 letter p ____ myth, and how can it totally transform your life, today?

Subscribe first, then listen and ALL will be revealed.

## The Funeral

It's Aziz here.

And I have a big fear...

A fear that grew because I wasn't applying the 7 letter P myth in my life...

It's the image of my own funeral, BUT it's NOT about death itself...

Imagine me in that moment:

The casket filled with my body hits the ground in that 6 foot deep hole, making a crack...

Then, the feeling of earth crashing on the wood above me... just like thick tropical rain. 

Hitting me again, and again, and again.

Totally covered...

Then, the complete silence of death. 

No... more... sounds. 


Believe it or not, it's not that morbid eternal loneliness that scares me.

It's not the thought of worms gobbling up my flesh that keeps me up at night.

It's not even the frustration of all the goals and projects and ideas I will leave behind unfinished, decapitated, incomplete and uncared for.

It's one single fear. It's what I leave behind if I don't use the 7 Letter P Myth in my life.

The 7 Letter P is what Madonna has. It's what Megan Fox used. And it's what Abraham Lincoln didn't discover until he was shot right in the head. 

It's what gave each of them a piece of immortality.

It's one of the reasons I've believed for the longest time that bringing children to this crazy world is a cruel decision...

Because I am sure and certain:

Each man or woman who doesn't apply the 7 Letter P myth will break their kids' hearts...

Yes, I do have this funny thing of imagining my funeral like a Mafia boss who passed away with a group of menacing serious Mafia men in Italian suits and dark sunglass shades paying me my final respects...

Yes, I do imagine the soundtrack of my funeral "I did it my way" playing in the background, summarizing what I stand for...

But right after those endearing images, I see clear as day the faces of my future children as they get filled with rage, and spit right on my gravestone...

Because without using the 7 letter P____ myth, I would absolutely be the wrong role model for anybody...

I would be the wrong example for my children, preparing them for life in the wrong way... 

And when they fail again and again and again as soon as they turn into adults, they will know to blame it all on me...

You know how kids are. And you know how they feel about their parents if we don't give them a head-start and prepare them correctly for the world by being the right example...

That easily could have been my destiny. And I was not alone.

Actually, even Abraham Lincoln made that mistake...

BUT... I'll start first with Megan Fox. She was way luckier than Lincoln when it comes to the 7 letter P____ myth...

## Megan Fox

Megan Fox put the large cup of Brazilian champagne down on the white table in her living room ,almost carelessly...

Something is tormenting her mind. Something is wrecking havoc on her emotions.

She didn't want to accept this. But she noticed...

Just a few years ago, every morning when she opened her door, she found piles upon piles of movie scripts...

...All she had to do is choose.

She was one of Hollywood's favorite eye-candy.

Transformers? They had to chase her for weeks just to get an audience.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? She could choose to take it or leave it.

Money was thrown at her feet. Billboards were honored to have her face splattered all over them. Enough movie roles were offered to her to keep her busy 3 whole lifetimes.

But now, none of this is true.


It seems the new batch of American eye-candy are dethroning her, FAST.

It seems now the only calls or texts she receives are from old friends checking up on her.

It's like... as soon as she turned 30, her brain was transplanted into a whole other life she didn't want to have.

One thing became clear to her above all else:

Her days playing the sexy eye-candy are GONE.

And she was now faced with two choices. Only two choices that will determine the rest of her life...

One choices uses the 7 letter P myth. And the other DOES NOT.

For Abraham Lincoln, his assassination was the wake up call to his bad reputation...

Very few people know this story:

He died at the worst time possible...

That night, his two Personal Secretaries John Hay and John Nicolay paced around the hall at the White House in despair:

"To tell you the truth, I thought about splashing my brains on that white wall tonight. I was broken enough to almost do it."

"Don't say that. There has to be a way..."

Just as Lincoln's body was getting cold, the loud voices of critics were chanting in unison:

James Grimes, the Iowa Senator, declared: "Lincoln has been a disgrace from the very beginning to every one who had any thing to do with bringing him into power."

The governor of Massachusetts, John Andrew, said: "Lincoln was essentially lacking in the quality of leadership"

George Bancroft the unofficial dean of the American historical enterprise, shouted: "Lincoln had NO administrative skills and intellectual capacity for the high office."

William Herndon, his law partner of 16 years, kept spreading rumors that Abraham Lincoln didn't love his wife and was infatuated with another -- Ann Rutledge.

The elder of the Black family announced: "Lincoln certainly does not compare well with the refined and highly cultivated gentlemen (fifteen in number) who preceded him in the executive chair".

Charles Francis Adams lectured in public affirming: "I must confirm without hesitation that in the history of our government, down to this hour, no experiment so rash has ever been made as that of elevating to the head of affairs a man with so little previous preparation for the task as Mr. Lincoln."

A best-selling book came out fast, The Life of Abraham Lincoln, that painted him as a bumbling, inept President who inadvertently pushed the nation to war.

Lincoln's fate was sealed. The critics were having a feast tearing his reputation apart and gobbling up its flesh like a fleet of hungry hyenas.

But his two Personal Secretaries, John Hay and John Nicolay, couldn't take it.

They couldn't see that great man be thrown into the trash bin of history.

So, for the next 25 years, they spent every waking hour doing two things:

The first, going through 42,000 individual pieces of paper that Lincoln left to prove his competence and leadership.

The second, lecturing everywhere they could to build up the reputation we have for Abraham Lincoln today:

The sage father figure; the military genius; the greatest American orator; the brilliant political tactician; the master of a fractioned cabinet who forged a “team of rivals” out of challengers for the throne...

It was hard. It took time.

But because they have used the 7 Letter P Myth, there was no question they will triumph in the end...

Just like I predict Megan Fox will...

Megan Fox, sitting in front of that white table staring at the yellow cup of Brazilian champagne thought things through.

She can keep fighting to keep her throne as the sexy seductress... 

A fight she felt no longer equipped to win...

Or she can activate the 7 letter P myth, and use it to change her personal positioning.

But if she did, how would people react?

If she did, could she succeed, or will this be the deathblow to her career, and turn her irrelevant at such a young age?

Her brain buzzed with thoughts fighting like a lightweight championship finale between two crazy boxers recently infected with the mad-cow disease...

Suddenly, her phone buzzed...

An unexpected text from a producer she didn't respect that much offering her a new role...

This is IT! This is her opportunity to finally, in her 30s, activate the 7 Letter P Myth in her life!

The role? It was the mercenary Samantha O'Hara

The movie? Rogue 2020.

And as expected in the 7 Letter P Myth, the backlash came thick when the movie was released:

"How dare she think she can go from Bimbo to Braveheart?!"

"WHO does she think she is, going from Sexy to Solider?!"

At this point, those who don't know the secrets will have their hearts shattered into 10.5 pieces. They'll be home crying in the shower with water running down their heads, wishing they didn't even try to make their lives better...

The devil you know... and all that rubbish.

But those who understand the 7 Letter P Myth will know one thing:

This is simply the expected Stage 2 of the 7 Letter P Myth. That's just what people do when someone dares to transform.

Just like the story of the bucket of crabs...

Did you know that Crab Fishermen witness something very cruel every single day of their lives?

Imagine this:

You're a little innocent crab swimming happily near the shore of the ocean.

Suddenly, a whirlwind of water overcomes you and sucks you into a big scary cage that lifts you off into the air and down on the sandy beach...

Frightened, your crab-heart beating... 

"what's going on?! Everything was all good just a minute ago!"

Then, a big human hand covered with thick gloves lifts you off the cage and puts you into a simple cylindrical plastic bucket...

Around you, a group of crabs. 

"Yes!! That's it!!" You think.

"The sky is just there, one foot away, let's make a run for it guys!!!" And you jump to escape, to return to your life, to evade into safety...

But suddenly, you witness betrayal right in front of your eyes. Worse, your own people betraying YOU.

The harder you try to run away, the tighter the other crabs grab onto your legs and pull you down into hell.

The higher you try to go above them, the stronger then push your head down to die right with them, boiled and suffering to the last minute before you get devoured mercilessly...

That's what human beings do too. 

And that's what they did to Megan Fox when she tried to transform her positioning into something better, into something that will work for her. 

They tried to keep her down in the bad place.

But those who know the 7 Letter P Myth, know this is just Stage 2. It's temporary. And beyond it is the stage of Glory: Stage 3...

The person who understands this probably more than any other is Madonna...

Very early on, she knew the power of the 7 Letter P Myth when repositioning herself.

So she did it on purpose, multiple times, getting to the stage of glory at each reinvention...

There was Madonna X, with her eye-patch and direct talk.

There also was the Queen of Pop in her sensual wedding gown with a teenager attitude.

Next was the Earth Mother hippie Madonna with her strawberry blonde hair...

She was also a brunette vampire. And a bohemian sensitive soul. And many more versions that each activated the 7 Letter P Myth.

And each time, for 30 years, she used the 7 Letter P Myth perfectly to move into a better place, and activate the Archetype inside the minds of her audience, as I'll reveal in a few minutes.

Before I give you an interesting exercise you can begin using today, This is what I truly believe: 

Humans don't see reality as it is -- they see it in reference to archetypes we have imprinted inside our psyche. 

One of these is the Archetype of the Phoenix, and whenever we notice someone who activates the Phoenix archetype, right away, an automatic association with them being mythical and legendary comes up.

So how to activate the Phoenix Archetype?

Now is the time to finally reveal the 7 Letter P Myth in all its glory, and to give you a simple exercise you can use to change your identity and your personal positioning TODAY.

The 7 Letter P Myth comes down to ONE fact:

Human beings don't see the world as it is.

Human beings see everything in the world as the meaning it represents in our own subconscious.

Inside of us, is a rich tapestry of archetypes swirling around that we attach to everything we encounter.

There are archetypes that label something boring.

Other archetypes that mean something is exciting.

And a few glorious archetypes that turn something in our minds into LEGENDARY.

Understand an important distinction: The archetypes are INSIDE of us. All that the thing outside has to do is trigger them.

One of these is the 7 Letter P Myth, which you'll learn to use in the exercise I'll share.

The 7 Letter P Myth is: The Phoenix Myth. Which has 3 phases:

* Phase One: This is when the Phoenix Myth archetype gets triggers in others. When the Phoenix decides to burn its old form down, to destroy the previous positioning it had that did not work, it decided: "This is ENOUGH. No more of this! I need something else, something different!"

* Phase Two: The Ashes. When the Phoenix turns into Ash, it's not pleasant, it's not fun, it's not enjoyable. For us human beings, when we decide to change our positioning, we have to go through this phase where those who know us will resist this new change. HOWEVER, this is where the Phoenix Archetype gets activated -- those who run back into the safety of their own hell they know will activate the archetype of the coward, while those who persist will emerge in Phase 3 into glory.

* Phase Three: The Phenix Flies. After a period of Ashes, the Phoenix is ready to fly and for the world to accept its new form. This is where your new Positioning becomes your identity and the identity people remember and embrace. When you arrive at this stage, you become one of the rare ones -- when people have watched you burn down the past and embody a new identity and a new Positioning, subconsciously and automatically, the archetype of the Phoenix gets triggered in them -- And suddenly they see you with brand new eyes, as someone legendary, as a real hero, and a rare person on this earth. Because very few people try, and most of those who try give up when they burn into Ash and run back in shame activating the archetype of the coward instead.

It's almost like life is testing those who are worthy from those who aren't worthy.

It's almost like the initiation everyone needs in order to leave their old life behind and deserve the new glory.

And I have something to say about this:

The biggest catastrophe the world faces today is not the coronavirus or the economic meltdown or the culture wars going on all over the globe.

The biggest catastrophe is that our educational systems tries to create standardized robotic copies out of every child.

It's not the fault of the teachers. But it is what it is.

Instead of helping everyone of us and our children to find our unique voice, to find our true gift, to find what makes us special in this world... Instead of helping us find our passion then to turn that into strength and contribution and impact in this world...

The educational system KILLS what makes us unique and turns us into obedient little slave-workers who look alike, think alike, act alike...

Then, everyone who graduates and everyone who has a job feels lost, confused, and unsure. Because inside of every one of us, our true purpose, our true positioning, our true gift to the world is starving and waiting to come out.

But we're not taught this stuff. We're not prepared for it.

All we're told is: Memorize these lessons, spit them out during exams, find a standard job, do what they tell you, and wait to die.

This is an OLD OLD OOOOOOLD problem. Even Seneca mentioned it when he said: "You are scared of dying -- and, tell me, is the kind of life you lead really any different than being dead?"

It's not.

Living a life chosen by society or parents or someone else crushes the soul and is the reason most people in the world are silently suffering with their song suffocating inside their hearts.

The good news is: When someone dares to stand up and claim their own unique positioning, to declare their own ultimate identity to the world, YES there will be backlash at first, but if the world notices the person persisting and standing up for what they believe -- suddenly, it's like the seas will part and a new road to glory emerges.

Where YOU... just by doing this... will automatically activate the Phoenix Archetype and suddenly turn into a living legend that people love to praise, where new opportunities will suddenly emerge out of nowhere, where people listen when you speak, where your words carry weight, and respect is given.

Example: When you use the Best Self Positioning exercise I will walk you through right now, at least 3 things will automatically happen:

First: When you're clear on your Best Self Positioning, there is no waking up in the morning without a purpose, confused, unsure about what to do next. It's like you've found your own golden map to the treasures of life where every next step is laid down clearly and you have your own compass telling you which direction to go at every decision and every point. All because of a simple understanding of your own most powerful positioning.

Second: Suddenly, every interaction with other people becomes a source... that fills your self-esteem so it surges through the roof, rather than a leaking boat. Because when a person is living the robotic life... when others see that, it reminds them of their own hopeless existence and they will sometimes just take cruel stabs at that depressed person keeping them down and destroying their self-esteem at every step. But, when people see you as the Rising Phoenix, suddenly, you become a role model. Suddenly, you see respect and admiration everywhere. Suddenly, your subconscious has no choice but to believe you're worth it, you deserve it, that you are a real hero on this earth. This positive social feedback will work like constant affirmations of your self-worth and deservedness. 

And this changes EVERYTHING.

Third: There is nothing better than changing the future of tens or 100s of people and their children just by existing. Because when you decide today to change your positioning and reclaim your right to be your best self on the path to sharing your real gifts with the world, people notice. And when they notice, they become inspired. And when they get inspired, they jump into action. And only action turns potential into reality. 

Then, people will come back and tell you -- I was depressed, living a life I hated, but when I noticed you, when I felt the courage you had to go through and change your positioning, to change your life from a mundane existence into an exciting experience where you're on your true path, I had to do the same, and now, everything is different for me. I owe it all to you, my life is better because of your inspiration, the future of my children is better because of you. Thank you.

This is it. This is the feeling that is worth more than money and gold and Ferraris and vacations and all that. It's seeing the gratitude of someone else because you dared to change, you dared to act today, you dared to become who you were born to be.

So here is the exercise, and it's one of the many things I use with my clients to get more hints about the correct Powerful Personal Positioning for them:

1) Close your eyes
2) Imagine you had a time machine, and you will fly into the future, 10 or 20 years from now.
3) Now, imagine you're in the future, and you met the best version of you -- the person you will be if during the next 10 to 20 years you did everything possible to become the best you can be. Take a very good look.
4a) Describe 3 things about who your best self is.
4b) Say 3 beliefs your best self has.
4c) What 3 things does your best self do every day.
5) Return to now, and write down what you came up with.
6) Figure out how to express that in 1 or 2 interesting sentences.
7) Now, share with everyone that ideal person you decided to become in the next 10-20 years.

Just by doing this, just sharing with others your vision of the person you want to become changes everything. Nobody does it. Nobody talks about it. And just this -- begins the activation of the Phoenix Archetype, so that you become a true Legend in the eyes of those you meet.

Of course, it's not enough to just talk about it. You have to actually do it so that people notice the difference. So that they see the changes. So that they perceive the evolution.

THEN, you become a true Phoenix who dared to burn down that old life you didn't want into ashes then emerged to fly high in the sky into glory.

That's why I do this whole thing: To see people go through this process and claim their right to be someone special, someone unique, someone respected, a real inspiration to others.

That's what I'm all about.

And if you have any questions or would like any help with this, email me at:

I end with this: 

I believe in your glory. It's time to believe in yourself.


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