Eminem Stans. Hitler Youth. And Affiliate Losers.

September 03, 2020 Abdulaziz M Alhamdan M.Sc. Episode 34
Eminem Stans. Hitler Youth. And Affiliate Losers.
Eminem Stans. Hitler Youth. And Affiliate Losers.
Sep 03, 2020 Episode 34
Abdulaziz M Alhamdan M.Sc.

#034 Who did Eminem Stans blatantly betray in the shadows?

What is a deep business lesson the Hitler Youth used?

And how can this ONE THING transform your affiliate marketing into a Pure Profit Positioning, today?

You're a few minutes away from the answers.

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#034 Who did Eminem Stans blatantly betray in the shadows?

What is a deep business lesson the Hitler Youth used?

And how can this ONE THING transform your affiliate marketing into a Pure Profit Positioning, today?

You're a few minutes away from the answers.

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Music: THBD - Good For You

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## Chapter 14: Eminem Stans. Hitler Youth. And Affiliate Losers.

Who did Eminem Stans blatantly betray in the shadows?

What is a deep business lesson the Hitler Youth used?

And how can this ONE THING transform your affiliate marketing into a Pure Profit Positioning, today?

You're a few minutes away from the answers.

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### 14.1 Introduction

Affiliate Marketers have the worst Positioning.

Underneath everything they do is a Positioning of a Middleman, a Hustler, an insignificant Salesperson for someone much more Powerful. 

...Lowly helpers to a better Authority.

### 14.2 Nazi Camp

And this Nazi story will illustrate how this works:

Little Denis just turned 8. His parents said: "It's time to send you to summer camp."

But this was not any kind of camp. It was a Nazi camp, and this is Reich Germany.

On the first day, the young boy woke up in the morning, put his Hitler youth costume on. 

And he began chanting the songs that indoctrinated his mind. 

He looked up to a picture of his leader, Hitler:

He admired him since that first moment he discovered what the word leader meant.

Then, he ran to stand in line and began following the Nazi teacher to class: 

To train and become an Übermensch. 

He really respected his teacher, but never considered him his real leader. 

Until something just happened...

### 14.3 Stand in The Recordshop

Something that happened to Diana, the Eminem Stan, as well.

The year was 2006. And the location: Pennsylvania.

Diana was crazy about Eminem. Every time he released a new single, she bought it. Every time he organized a concert nearby, she was the first to arrive.

Near her house, was an old Record Store that she loved to buy from... everything related to Eminem.

The owner was friendly, but little did he know his life was about to get destroyed. 

He gave excellent customer service, offered everyone who went there cookies, and even organized Friday meetups to let the Eminem Stans discuss the lyrics of their favorite man.

Then, one day a big megastore chain bought the building and decided to kick the record store owner out on the streets.

"After 35 years of hard work, they want to kick me out!" He cried. 

Then called all his customers, begging for help.

The Eminem Stans were moved. They wanted to protest, to contribute.

But that same week there was an Eminem Concert in a nearby city. For many of them, it will be the very first time they come that close to their Rap God.

What should they do? To save the Recordstore, which was the middleman that brought all the Eminem delights to them...

Or to get a chance to meet their idol and fulfill this dream?

They SAID they'll help.

They promised.

But one by one, their snuck into the buses going to the Eminem concert.

That weekend, the Eminem Stans cried overjoyed as they got to meet their Rap God!

And the Record-store owner cried in pain as they yanked the keys to his business and left him without a purpose.

A similar thing, although less intense, happened in that Nazi camp.

The little boy Dennis noticed that this year, his teacher is different. It's someone new. Not the one he had for the past 3 years.

For 15 minutes, he worried.

But you know how kids are... 

Quickly, his friends called him to play, and he smiled at his new teacher who smiled back.

Over the years, he'll get many new teachers, they're replaceable, but his leader is only one, the original, the creator of the movement, Adolf Hitler.

### 14.4 Affiliate Marketing Woes

This deeper lesson is exactly why my experience with Affiliate Marketing in 2015... was horrible.

When I was involved with a somewhat famous Affiliate Guru who made me lose my shirt and thousands of bucks because I didn't understand positioning.

His advice was to: sell, sell, sell.

His teaching was to drive traffic to a website that is identical to what he claims he's using, to sell a cheap affiliate product on that page, then to follow up by email to sell more.

In theory, that makes sense.

But the thing is: In practice, there is a huge difference between theory and reality.

I started small, barely made a few cents. And his advice was to "get serious" and to spend more to get the "data" and know which A/B split test works.

And I did. And I ran out of money doing it. 

It was horrible to bet it all on a dream just to watch it crumble into pieces.

The biggest flaw in Affiliate Marketing is: they assume it's the copy, the color of the button, the traffic that create wealth.

Yes, years ago, when nobody was doing it, those Affiliate Guru made their money because there was no real competition. Now, they make their money from selling dreams to hopeful new affiliate marketers.

### 14.5 The Positioning Lessons

There are two big lessons in this experience that almost drove me into bankruptcy:

1) Today, the money is NOT in the traffic that is ready to buy. Too many people are bombarding those buyers with too many offers, so that cake is being split between too many mouths. The way to build wealth is through bonding, creating relationships, becoming a trusted source in an untrusting world. Then people naturally will want your help and to buy from you.

2) Their positioning is all wrong! You need to be the leader, the authority, the creator, so that people follow you. If you're an affiliate, you are communicating you're another follower of the person whose products you sell. That you're not enough of an expert to create your own methodology and teaching. This means you spend all your time and effort without ever reaching the level of loyalty a leader and creator gets. 

To succeed, be a leader, not a follower.

And small nuances in Positioning can absolutely make or break your future cashflow.

And these nuances are what we StoryBonders are all about: 

We understand that Positioning is the Engine that makes everything work. You can pour your money, time and effort into making everything else perfect, but that's like creating the most gorgeous Ferrari then leaving it without an Engine, it won't work.

Even worse, you may randomly end up with bad positioning, which means one thing every single marketing effort you put out kills your brand by making the wrong positioning stronger.

That's not what we do. We invest time, effort, thought and strategy into scientifically creating the most powerful Positioning that matches what we offer the world and what people want, then watch our effectiveness catapult like a space rocket.

Are you doing this?

And if not, how can you put this into practice?

### 14.6 My Story

Now, I will share something:

Why do I do all this, really?

And what's the ONE THING that changed my life??

...For a long long time, I was like a leaf in the wind.

I tried everything, yet I felt disrespected.

I was smart and hard working, but my boss didn't even notice it.

I was kind and generous, but all I received back was to be taken advantage of.

Even when I started my first online coaching business, I was chasing after clients who couldn't even see the value in the work I did. I didn't know what I was doing.

"What was I missing?" I wondered.

After a lot of real pain, a lot of deep suffering, sleepless night of hard work that got me absolutely nothing... 

I happened to discover the Science of Positioning, and it changed everything for me.

I discovered that the way you place yourself in people's minds matters more than anything else.

This is NOT about trickery or manipulation.

This is about a sad fact I noticed: 

If you don't understand your positioning and you don't communicate it well, 90% of people will put you in the worst positioning box they have in their minds.

If you know you're a good person but leave it up to them to decide, you'll see all around you bad people getting the respect you're not getting at all.

As Honoré de Balzac said: "It's not enough to be a good person. You also have to show it."

If you really can help people but don't use the Science of Positioning to put it into words that show your uniqueness, you'll see them flock to smart charlatans who will become millionaires, while you're stuck worrying about bills and rent.

Life isn't fair. And that can be good thing.

Because when you understand Positioning. You won't be a leaf in the wind anymore, under the mercy of whatever positioning other people put you in. Instead, the goal is to control your narrative, and to choose the position that will give you all the respect, success, results, and recognition you wish for.

The root of all that is: The Science of Positioning.

Because leaving things to chance is not a real strategy. And with random positioning, everything you do becomes an uphill battle.

Positioning is now my passion, and in this Podcast, I share with you everything you need to get your own Positioning clear and controlled. This is the ONE Thing that matters more than anything else.

### 14.7 Conclusion

So subscribe to this Podcast and share it with others, it's good positive Karma.

And if you have any questions and wish for any help, email me:

To keep adding value, on the next Episode, I will take you step by step through the positioning I did for a Social Media Influencer from Italy. I share my detailed thought process, so that you can know how to do this for yourself.

Make sure to listen to the next episode.

And as always: Keep seeking Mastery.

It's what we truly live for.



Business Lessons From Eminem Stans, Hitler Youth, and Affiliate Bankruptcies.

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