Why Putin and Tesla Swam Through The 'River of Rejection'?

September 01, 2020 Abdulaziz M Alhamdan M.Sc. Episode 33
Why Putin and Tesla Swam Through The 'River of Rejection'?
Why Putin and Tesla Swam Through The 'River of Rejection'?
Sep 01, 2020 Episode 33
Abdulaziz M Alhamdan M.Sc.

#033 Tesla did something.

Putin did the same.

It all happened at the 'River of Rejection'.

What is this thing? And how can it help you solve ALL your problems, today?

Let's find out!

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Show Notes Transcript

#033 Tesla did something.

Putin did the same.

It all happened at the 'River of Rejection'.

What is this thing? And how can it help you solve ALL your problems, today?

Let's find out!

Podcast Music: THBD - Good For You

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### Chapter 10: Why Did Putin and Tesla Swim Through The Secret 'River of Rejection'?

Tesla did something.

Putin did the same.

It all happened at the 'River of Rejection'.

What is this thing? And how can it help you solve ALL your problems, today?

Let's find out!

### 10.1 Introduction

Life has hard periods. 

And those hard times hold a secret, for every single human being.

### 10.2 Vladimir Putin's Early Days

Tesla was no different.

Nikola Tesla held the body of his brother and kissed that cold skin one last time before he let him go... forever.

A few years later, watched his mother die.

He looked up to the sky, a warm tear fell down his cheek. Then slowly curved his neck down and closed his eyes.

"I can't take this anymore..." He whispered.

He needed to get out. That place only showed him bad luck and misfortune. 

He had to try something new, something different... anything.

The whole of Europe had no more meaning for him, nothing there mattered.

He left for America. 

And little did he know, his new life will parallel the life of Vladimir Putin.

It's clear as day in the documentary -- Putin: A Russian Spy Story.

Reminder: This is not a political podcast. All stories are case studies and do not reflect any political judgement.

Now, a truth: The journey of life changes us.

Vladimir Putin was born in the poorest slums of St Petersburg. And all he dreamed about was to become the Russian James Bond -- Stierlitz.

He spent his whole life preparing to join the KGB, and he got that job! Even got his first assignment!

He was sent to the Eastern Bloc of Berlin to become a real spy! His dreams were becoming true, he was so excited!

But soon after he arrived, BAAAM, the Berlin wall collapsed, the Soviet Union collapsed, his dreams collapsed into small pieces.

He returned with his wife to St. Petersburg, to a hopeless existence. Because there is no harder task than to find a job in a new political system when you worked in the old system that just broke.

He tried. Knocked on doors. Got rejected again and again and again.

Until he found a 'special' job with the Mayor of St Petersburg: 

He had to fix the problems of that reckless Mayor. It was putting out fires everyday. Babysitting a problematic man. A stressful job that nobody wanted.

But he did. He had no other choice.

And things seemed to get brighter. He had hope. His family was eating, his two daughters won't starve to death.

But BAAM again, that Mayor lost the elections when he tries to become Governor. And Vladimir Putin was back to unemployment, back to hopelessness, back to not finding a job in his native city, St. Petersburg.

He left. He went to Moscow to knock on more doors, to try to find work, to put food on the table before his family lost it all.

He got lucky. He had a breakthrough: There was a job opening in the Kremlin where he became a bureaucrat.

That's how he caught Boris Yeltsin's attention. That's how Vladimir Putin found the door to become the Putin we know of today.

That journey prepared him and gave him the strength necessary to make it.

### 10.3 Nikola Tesla in America

Because everyone has to swim through the river of rejection to get to the other side... To the place where you will become worthy of your dreams.

When Tesla arrived to America, he finally had hope... but ended up disappointed.

He went to work for Thomas Edison, with excitement in his eyes, but Edison treated him like a nuisance. 

Barely paid him enough for food and rent, and gave him no respect or understanding for his vision.

Tesla tried, and tried, and tried... But his heart was so vexed, he had to quit.

Then, things started to look brighter. He found a business partner... even, investors who will fund his Alternating Current engine. His dream. His vision.

But what ended up happening?

His partner stole the money, all of it, and left Tesla broke.

So broke, he had to work in construction...

The great genius spent his days digging ditches for phone cables. The world didn't care about his brain, it only saw in him a heap of flesh useful for digging dirt.

He was completely and utterly depressed.

But every single minute he had, he kept searching, knocking on doors, hoping to find someone to believe in his dream, someone to fund his inventions that will change the world...

After a long stretch of pain, he finally succeeded. He found investors who paid for his work.

That's when Tesla had a breakthrough, and became the Tesla we all know and love.

But the lesson from his journey is deeper, it's a lesson of becoming.

### 10.4 My Story

When I look back, I can see how my past Journey helped me deserve a real shot at my dreams.

Whether it's being abandoned by my father, then spending my life wondering how it feels to have one.

Or graduating in the 2008 crisis, getting rejected more than 50 times before I got a job I hated, that killed me inside.

Or eating once a day for a whole year to lose the 50 pounds of stubborn fat, because food was my comfort when I was stuck in that job.

Or later on, being scammed by an Affiliate Guru who took every penny I had. I really wanted to believe in the instant-gratification promises. I was wrong. And in that moment, I decided "No more," I have to figure out the truth, what works, what matters. To take matters into my own hands.

Each and every one of those experiences made me stronger. 
Each one of them made me more resilient. 
Each one taught me a lesson that I needed.
Each pushed me to understand what really works, NOT be impressed by shiny promises that end up in disappointment.

Although I didn't enjoy when they happened, I'm a better, more capable, stronger person because of those events.

I can say: I'm grateful.

### 10.5 Episode Lesson + People Like Us

And the lesson of this Episode is simple: 

You have to swim through rejection after rejection, a river of rejection, to get to your destination.

Because the hard times you've lived prepared you for those moments that make the big difference in your life.

And if you don't feel strong enough NOW to make your dreams reality, that's EXACTLY how you should be feeling.

You become strong BY overcoming adversity.

You're not supposed to be strong when you begin this journey, the role of the journey is to make you strong.

That's why you're a Hero.

A Hero is not a perfect being.

Look at Joseph Campbell's work:

The hero is the person who doesn't feel "strong enough", and yet chooses the courage to make their dreams reality. 

Because courage is a choice, it's a decision, it's something under your control.

We StoryBonders have the courage to go through this journey NOT because we feel ready, but because we know by Doing we evolve and become our best selves. 

We understand that life has a vetting process for success, to separate those who will make it, from those who give up.

So we keep going. We keep persisting. We keep doing.

And the deep purpose we pursue: 

Becoming our best selves.

Because it's the person you will become at the end, the pride you will have in yourself... more than the toys and the money... That's what makes this journey of growth and evolution EXCITING. 

### 10.6 Are you implementing it? 

So, do you see the value in the hard times you've gone through?

What lessons have you learned from each one of them?

Think of one difficult time you had. What could it have taught you? Did it make you stronger in some way?

And, what can you do to have a more positive attitude towards adversity?

How can you reduce fear, inaction, and procrastination by understanding deeper that it's the difficult times that will make you your best self?

These thoughts are worth it.

### 10.7 Quote & Book Recommendation

And I leave you with this quote from the great actor, Sir Anthony Hopkins:

"Because life is tough, we have to believe in the power of life. The only real wisdom is -- Keep going. Never give up no matter what the voices in your head say."

Also, if you haven't read this book by Susan Jeffers:

Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway

It's an eye-opener. I highly, highly recommend it.

### 10.8 Affiliate Losers

In the next episode, I will share the lesson I learned from Affiliate Marketing, this is the problem that guarantees all new affiliate marketers fail.

We will talk about Eminem Fanboys. The Nazi Hitler Youth. And Why Affiliate Marketers Lose.

Make sure to tune in next time.

### 10.9 Conclusion

Now, think: Did you benefit from this Podcast in some way?

Then, go ahead, share it, tell someone about it, don't keep it a secret, share the good positive karma and spread the word. 

If you can, do support this show.

And if you'd like to ask me any question or give me feedback or tell me something, I respond to all emails personally, so send me an email to:

I wish you a glorious day.

And may all your dreams become... reality.

Tesla did something. Putin did the same. Is this really what works?!

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