Positioning DeConstruction: Brian Johnson + Marco D'Elia (Case Study)

August 27, 2020 Abdulaziz M Alhamdan M.Sc. Episode 31
Positioning DeConstruction: Brian Johnson + Marco D'Elia (Case Study)
Positioning DeConstruction: Brian Johnson + Marco D'Elia (Case Study)
Aug 27, 2020 Episode 31
Abdulaziz M Alhamdan M.Sc.

#031 Insightful Case Study: Look over my shoulder as I deconstruct then re-construct the positioning of Brian Johnson + Marco D'Elia.

This Episode will be different.

I will deconstruct then re-construct the positioning of two case studies: 

Brian Johnson + Marco D'Elia.

Even if you've never heard of them before, you WILL get more Positioning Aha Moments per minute in THIS episode than anywhere else online.

So pay close attention, listen carefully, and let's begin!

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Show Notes Transcript

#031 Insightful Case Study: Look over my shoulder as I deconstruct then re-construct the positioning of Brian Johnson + Marco D'Elia.

This Episode will be different.

I will deconstruct then re-construct the positioning of two case studies: 

Brian Johnson + Marco D'Elia.

Even if you've never heard of them before, you WILL get more Positioning Aha Moments per minute in THIS episode than anywhere else online.

So pay close attention, listen carefully, and let's begin!

Podcast Music: THBD - Good For You

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## Chapter 11: Positioning DeConstruction: Brian Johnson + Marco D'Elia (Case Study)

This Episode will be different.

I will deconstruct then re-construct the positioning of two case studies: 

Brian Johnson + Marco D'Elia.

Even if you've never heard of them before, you WILL get more Positioning Aha Moments per minute in THIS episode than anywhere else online.

So pay close attention, listen carefully, and let's begin!

### 11.1 OptimizeMe Positioning

Today is a day of StoryBonding Positioning Deconstruction:

I will analyze Brian Johnson's Positioning for his brand OptimizeMe. Of course, this is with full respect and support to Brian Johnson. A great guy.

His tagline is: 'More Wisdom in Less Time.'

I like it. 

However, I consider it to be lower strength positioning, let's take it up higher, you and me together. 

Let's analyze it then work to transform this positioning!

First -- unpacking the positioning based on that Tagline.

Unpacked, it is: 

> For Self-Development Enthusiasts, I provide you with More Wisdom In Less Time compared to our competitors.

The first problem is: This is Improvement Positioning.

And Improvement Positioning is one of the 2 kinds of Positioning that 95% of Prospects simply do not buy: 

95% of people don't spend money on Improvement and they almost never buy any Prevention because they always think: "That will NEVER happen to ME!"

This is because 95% of people are AWAY FROM in their motivation strategy. They only act when a pain burns deep into their psyche, pushing them to act. Without severe pain, there no action.

Improvement and Prevention do NOT appeal to the 95% of people who only act when they have too, when it's too painful to ignore.

What they respond to, what works is: 

* Urgent Repair, this is pure pain. It's an emergency that creates a crisis they have to solve NOW.
* New Opportunity which is also pain, because it provides them an escape from the pain of their current life into greener pastures where things can be different.

The second problem with Brian's Positioning is: 

> Wisdom is a Concept. It's not Concrete.

In StoryBonding Positioning, a foundational principle is: Concrete NOT Conceptual.

Because people only buy after they see an image of the results they will get. After a clear picture is painted in their mind's eye. 

A concept does not paint any pictures. It's ambiguous and hazy. And a hazy mind DOES NOT buy.

Therefore, the current Positioning of OptimizeMe is Improvement communicated as a Concept. 

It is NOT the best he could do.

### 11.2 OptimizeMe Re-Positioning

Now, we have two roads we can go through, and we will go through  them both to give you the best lessons possible in this Episode:

* Option 1: To change the Positioning Category.

This will create the most results, a deluge of new buyers. 

Because when you change the Positioning Category to one that sells, you expand your pool of prospects from the 5% who want Improvement to 100% of prospects who do want a New Opportunity. 

Most people in the world simply want to escape the life they have and get a chance into Greener Pastures, into a better place that is also different to where they are now.

Who can benefit from "More Wisdom"?


So let's take Employees as a possible Prospect to focus on.

In these hard times when millions of people are losing their jobs, to keep your job or even get a promotion is a need that will get attention.

And how can Wisdom help employees keep their jobs or get a promotion? 

They can drop in the wisdom they learn from OptimizeMe in conversations to impress their Boss, and if their boss is impressed, things will go smoother for them. Their job will be safer, their chances for a promotion higher.

Still, this is all conceptual. 

Let's make it concrete while keeping the original De-Positioning of OptimizeMe, which is "Less Time" required to get and benefit from the Wisdom.

And, we have to keep "Impress Your Boss."

How do we clearly communicate that they will get that Wisdom and benefit from it quickly, in less time?

Listen to this new Positioning:

'Say These Words To Impress Your Boss.'

Again: 'Say These Words To Impress Your Boss.'

Compare that to: 'More Wisdom In Less Time.'

Which one is more powerful? 
Which one paints a concrete picture?

With "Say These Words To Impress Your Boss," we're communicating to them that they will get that Wisdom so fast and so ready to use, they can simply repeat it to impress their boss. 

What is implied there: When they impress their boss they get to keep their job and can even be promoted!

Because half of the power of Positioning is in what is implied within the words, rather than the words said themselves.

I hope it is clear to you how: "More Wisdom In Less Time" is Improvement Positioning. 

While "Say These Words To Impress Your Boss" is Opportunity Positioning.

The difference is nuanced, but PROFOUND.

Now, to Option 2: Let's say Brian Johnson insists he wants Improvement Positioning.

"I love those Improvement Lovers, those are my people, I don't want anybody else!" I can imagine him say just this.

Which can be a viable option for him, since I noticed he was creating a type of Facebook for Wisdom Lovers. So it can make sense he'll only want to attract less people, the best people who can create True Fans that pay him more, even if he gets less customers in the process.

So, let's work on "More Wisdom In Less Time" and make it a better Improvement Positioning statement.

First, what is a concrete way to know you're getting Wisdom?

What's something a person can see, feel, hear, sense and tell they're getting Wisdom?

Right away, I thought of that Eureka moment, when you feel your neurons tingle with electricity.

"Yes, the world makes more sense now!"

But Eureka sounds complicated. Whenever we can, it's better to use simple words instead of complicated ones.

What's a simpler way to say Eureka? 

> An "Aha" moment!

I like that.

Now, let's work on "In Less Time".

Time is abstract. We can't hold a pound of time, we can't see time.

But since StoryBonding Positioning is all about playing with the Perceptions and Categories in the human brain.

What's a way humans categorize and organize time?

Minutes, hours, seconds!

Which made me think right away of RPM -- The Engine measurement of Rotations or Revolutions Per Minute.

So, we can use that to take the OptimizeMe DePositioning to the next level!

Using this thought process, this is the new Positioning I came up with:

"Here More Aha Moments Per Minute."

Again: "Here More Aha Moments Per Minute."

Now, let's compare the two:

The original one: "More Wisdom In Less Time".

It sounds good. But what image does it evoke in your brain? To me, it's nothing really concrete, but I like the word Wisdom, so it does catch my attention. But you and me are the 5%, not the other 95%, so we are different.

Now, listen and imagine:

"Here More Aha Moments Per Minute".

How does that feel? What image does "More Aha Moments Per Minute" conjure up in your mind?

For me, I imagine that rush, that pleasure of learning something new, and that it's happening multiple times per minute, it sounds fun!

For an Improvement Positioning, that's good stuff.

Still, as a side note, I don't believe that most of Brian Johnson's success is caused by his business Positioning. 

His popularity can be explained using our tried and tested StoryBonding Identity StoryTelling Framework. It's the way he shares his personality that makes everything magical. But if he improved his Positioning, then his results will shoot up like a rocket.

### 11.3 Marco D'Elia Positioning

Now, let's contrast Brian Johnson's positioning with Marco D'Elia, a Youtuber who tries to do what Brian Johnson does.

Marco D'Elia is a good guy. This is not a personal criticism. Just a deconstruction.

Marco D'Elia has this positioning: "A Journey to Success."

When I unpack it, it becomes: "For those who want to succeed, I share my journey to success."

It's very weak. There is no uniqueness. It's not concrete, just concepts piles together. 

> What does success mean? 
> What kind of Journey is this? 
> Can we imagine it?

We cannot.

I looked at his content, and what makes him stand out is the Halo Effect: He's a very handsome Italian male model!

And it has been scientifically proven that humans give beautiful people positive qualities even if they don't have them, so his looks do help him get a level of "credibility" and popularity.

Which is good. I am all for using everything you have. The journey to success, as he called it, is not easy. So use all you've got.

I am not saying his content is not GREAT. But a foundational harsh truth of StoryBonding Positioning is this:

The best product DOES NOT win. The best Positioning Wins every time.

Why? Because with a weak Positioning, people won't even pay attention, so they won't even know that the great product is great.

Remember this: Buyers don't give a chance to weakly positioned products. Those die in the marketplace unless it's a rare case where the person got lucky and happened to be noticed by the right person, or be in the right place at the right time. It happens.

So, let's improve the Positioning of Marco D'Elia's Youtube Channel a little bit.

Not only is "A Journey to Success" totally abstract, it's also Improvement Positioning, which reduces the effect even further.

Quickly then, I came up with this Positioning statement, sprinkling more specificity and Opportunity in there.

"For those interested in success, I share with you the secrets I learned as a male model making it in the cut-throat modeling world."

Compare that to his original tagline which communicates his positioning package:

"A Journey To Success."

Then, I spent some time making my new version even more powerful:

"Success Secrets of An Italian Male Model".

Beautiful. And filled with Opportunity.

Why? Because Opportunity is based on Greener Pasture. Opportunity is about the path to a place that is totally different to where the prospects are right now in life.

And isn't The Italian Modeling Industry an alluring, glamorous place to be? Yes it is.

Then, if he adds to it some StoryBonding Identity-StoryTelling, where people can live vicariously through him. Then WOW.

He'll stand out, attract attention, and build highly interested fans.

### 11.4 Positioning is Power

I hope you can see the difference that proper positioning science can do.

Whether it's going from:

"More Wisdom in Less Time" to 'Say These Words To Impress Your Boss.' or "Here More Aha Moments Per Minute.".

From "A Journey To Success." to "Success Secrets of An Italian Male Model".

It's like the difference between a $1 Dollar Bill and a $100 Dollar Bill. The paper and amount of ink is basically the same. But the words written make all the difference.

Positioning is the core that makes everything else work. With weak positioning, your marketing efforts simply kill your brand by confusing people or making you seem like a copycat that has no originality.

Positioning is the single simple message that makes people motivated to buy from you. So your purpose is to expand it, to detail it, to confirm it, to exemplify it, and to share it in every single thing you do in your marketing. Without this, marketing is random. With good positioning, marketing is predictable.

### 11.5 Implement This

Begin today. Use that you've learned in this episode. Listen to it again, take notes, and work on your personal positioning, business positioning, social positioning, career positioning...

This is the $10,000 per hour work that makes all the difference!

### 11.6 Perfect Inaction

And I leave you with this quote: "Imperfect Action beats Perfect Inaction." Use this. Don't use this Podcast as entertainment, to get ideas that sound good. Because only action will change your life. Knowledge is just potential. Action turns that potential into reality.

And I finish by saying this about Brian Johnson, which I know he's listening to this Episode.

Brian is the kindest guy. And Kindness is one of the 3 traits of all of us StoryBonders: Courage, Kindness, and Investing in Yourself. 10 years ago, I reached out to Brian Johnson, and he was so kind, he wanted to support me and believed in my potential, so he gave me access to all his products for free, as a gesture of kindness. He never asked anything in return.

I am grateful to Brian. This episode is not sponsored at all. I just hope he will benefit from this, and I hope I didn't sound too harsh. I didn't mean to.

Actually, I recommend to you all his book: "A Philosopher's Notes: On Optimal Living, Creating an Authentically Awesome Life and Other Such Goodness". It's full of Aha Moments, and it's just about $4 on Kindle. I am happy to give back to Brian even if it's in a small way.

And to Chris D'Elia, if he's listening: I encourage him to keep going, to keep growing, getting 1% better every day. Because that's our strategy here: As long as you've put in your 1% every day, the future WILL be awesome.

### 11.6 Conclusion

If you have a question about Positioning, or would like to send me a story, a brand, an ad, or any marketing to analyze in the StoryBonding&Positioning way, or if you'd like help with your Positioning, send me an email to:

I wish you a glorious day.

And remember: Seek Excellence... Always.