PewdiePie VS Sasha Grey -- The Final Death-Match

August 22, 2020 Abdulaziz M Alhamdan M.Sc. Episode 30
PewdiePie VS Sasha Grey -- The Final Death-Match
PewdiePie VS Sasha Grey -- The Final Death-Match
Aug 22, 2020 Episode 30
Abdulaziz M Alhamdan M.Sc.

#030 It's an epic battle...

Head to head: PwediePie VS Sasha Grey...

Who will be the real winner?

And what lessons can you learn from this BOSS fight?

PwediePie VS Sasha Grey...

Sasha Grey VS PwediePie...

Listen and find out.

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Show Notes Transcript

#030 It's an epic battle...

Head to head: PwediePie VS Sasha Grey...

Who will be the real winner?

And what lessons can you learn from this BOSS fight?

PwediePie VS Sasha Grey...

Sasha Grey VS PwediePie...

Listen and find out.

Podcast Music: THBD - Good For You

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## Chapter 8: PewDiePie VS Sasha Grey -- The Final Death-Match

It's an epic battle...

Head to head: PwediePie VS Sasha Grey...

Who will be the real winner?

And what lessons can you learn from this BOSS fight?

Listen and find out.

### 8.1 PewDiePie's Morning

PewDiePie woke up in the morning. It was a night of insomnia...

Bad dreams, but hey "It's another day"...

He stretched his arms like a Jellicle cat, in his California king-sized bed, enjoying the space... 

Feeling that small moment of calm before he begins another hectic day...

But first things first: 

He needs to get a cup of his favorite morning drink -- Passionfruit Juice with a few drops of brännvin.

He knows EXACTLY what the world values about him... and he will do it to the bitter end, to his last day.

### 8.2 Sasha Grey in L.A.

But Sasha Grey didn't...

Sasha Grey arrived to L.A. in 2006: She had big dreams and no money.

Then, crashing on the couch in her friend's apartment, she wanted more out of life.

Gears started turning in her head, and all her thoughts came to one conclusion: "I have no skills, yet. But I have my youth and beauty."

That's when she decided to try adult entertainment.

She went for it. She discovered she was born to do it. She won 15 awards because she was doing something the world valued about her.

But she was not satisfied.

She felt incomplete. Kept wondering: "What else can I do? I want to be much more!"

She tried music, released her own album "AVigillant Carpark," still people kept saying "Isn't that the adult-work girl"?

She tried writing, dreamed of being an Author, and released 3 books, The Juliette Society trilogy, still people kept saying "Isn't that the adult performer Sasha Grey"?

She even had a role on one of the most popular series of all times "Entourage," and still didn't overshadow her Adult Career.

Now, in 2020, every time she streams on Twitch, people still think "That's Sasha Grey the Adult Actress, isn't it?"

The world remembers one thing and one thing only about Sasha Grey, no matter how hard she tries to do anything else.

### 8.3 PewDiePie Hustle

Just like PewDiePie...

Early on, PewDiePie tried many roads to success...

He tried being an IT Guy, studying at a technical college in Sweden, but he quit, it wasn't his path.

He tried being a Harbor Captain, but he didn't love it enough.

He tried selling his Photoshop Art as prints, and it barely paid the bills.

He had to work at a Hot Dog stand, sitting in the Swedish snow near football stadiums hoping people will buy. 

But PewDiePie's Hot Dog is not tasty enough.

However, when he brought comedy and personality to Gaming commentary, he hit it BIG.


Millions of followers. Billions of views.

Before, all he did is: struggle and live in Anxiety.

Now, whether on Youtube or Twitch, he knows what people want, and he gives it to them every day: 

They want Gaming, and they want to laugh at his style of Entertainment and Comedy.

That's it. Nothing else.

They don't want to taste his hot dog.

They don't want him to fix their computer problems.

### 8.4 PewDiePie VS Sasha Grey

He does what matters most, because he founds his ONE THING.

PewDiePie accepted the one thing the world values about him, while Sasha Grey refused to accept. 

She wanted to be valued for things that are totally different, instead of discovering her deeper ONE THING that she can use outside the Adult Industry and still succeed. The right strategy would have been to figure out what is special about her that made her get attention and stand out, then based on that, choose what to do next. 

But no: she wanted to reinvent herself each time AFTER she found her ONE THING.

This is real life, not fiction. And the truth is: it's not WE who choose what the world values in us, it's the world that tells us what our ONE THING is. 

In this way: PewDiePie wins this battle HUGE, Sasha Grey loses, BIG.

### 8.5 My Weird Conversation Results

Even for me: For the longest time, I thought that being a multi-dimensional character makes a person interesting.

But a weird thing I noticed in conversations that proved me totally wrong.

I would have conversations with people, where we talk about the excitement of learning new languages, and my journey to speak 6 different tongues, and listen to them share their polyglot experiences.

Conversations where we compare travel stories, talk about Indian Ashrams, Filipino Durian, Brazilian beaches, and Tapas in Madrid.

Where we share tips on weight loss, how I lost 50 pounds in 1 year, the struggles and that final moment when I looked at the scale and saw my weight goal become reality. And where I hear all their experiences in their journey to fall back in love with their bodies as they are.

But do you think people remember any of that?

The truth is: No.

All they keep saying is: "Oh, you're that positive guy! I wish I were as positive as you!"

"Oh, you're always smiling and optimistic, I love this about you!"

That's it. That's what people value about me in friendship. It's my ONE THING.

Now, I can either be a Sasha Grey, and refuse to accept it: "I'm more than just a happy face!"

Or I can be a PewDiePie, and let all my optimism and happy energy shine brighter and brighter.

I choose to embrace my ONE THING. To be glad that I have found it, to focus on growing it, because that's one of the most important milestones you can have in this journey we call: life.

### 8.6 The Lesson Of The One Thing

The smart thing is: To find out and focus on your ONE THING.

Then, the lesson from this whole episode is this: 

There is ONE THING about you that will bring you all the success you desire. ONE THING that the world values highly, that people will want and will pay for.

You mission, should you accept it, is: 

To find out this ONE THING. Your special skill, ability, talent, perspective, trait, or truth. And to double down on it, to focus on it, to communicate it, to share it, and to use it in your content and business building.

This is the real secret to success.

This is what will build your Audience, tribe of fans, and get you loyal clients who pay.

### 8.6 Your Turn?

Now, your turn:

Do you know your ONE THING?

Do you have the clarity to say your ONE THING and why it matters in 10 words or less?

If not: What can you do today to discover your ONE THING? Your secret weapon to supreme success...

If you'd like more clarity on this, then make sure to read this little-known gem of a book: Horse Sense -- The Key to Success Is Finding a Horse to Ride, by Al Reis and Jack Trout.

### 8.7 Caveat On Excuses

BUT BIG CAVEAT: Don't use this as an excuse to not take any action. Searching for your ONE THING doesn't mean constant procrastination.

PewDiePie didn't wait for some divine inspiration to show him the way, he tried, acted, searched, took chances, pursued many paths.

In the same vein: What can you try today that might work?

What's one small things today that can open a new door to opportunity?

Think about it. Meditate on it. Then go do it.

Take action. Do something, anything. Every little bit helps.

Because your life is too important to spend it waiting for some lucky break. Go out there, fight for your future, and take charge of your dreams!

I believe in you!

And I leave you with this quote from Arthur Schopenhauer:

"Each day is a little life: every waking and rising a little birth, every fresh morning a little youth, every rest and inaction is a little death."

So go for it now, every day is an opportunity to change everything!

### 8.8 Conclusion

The next episode will be even more exciting than this one. In it, you'll discover what is probably the most important lesson I've ever learned when it comes to never having writer's block in any kind of content, whether it's writing an email for work, creating a Youtube video, or just positing something interesting on your social media. Next episode is about: Kobe Bryant, Bill Ackman, And The Greatest Content Creation Story Ever Told. So make sure to tune in next time.

And finally: If you've liked this Podcast, then subscribe, I want YOU to be a part of my life and to be a part of yours. And if you can, support this show, every little bit helps. And share it, share it everywhere, on your social media, with friends, spread the word, spread the message, share the wisdom with everyone.

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Good night. And may all your dreams become... reality.