The 3 Hidden No-Ps That Are Destroying New Online Coaching Businesses Today

August 14, 2020 Abdulaziz M Alhamdan M.Sc. Episode 26
The 3 Hidden No-Ps That Are Destroying New Online Coaching Businesses Today
The 3 Hidden No-Ps That Are Destroying New Online Coaching Businesses Today
Aug 14, 2020 Episode 26
Abdulaziz M Alhamdan M.Sc.

#026 Are you doing any of these 3 sneaky mistakes that 95% of New Coaches do?

They're the 3 Online Coaching Business Destroyers that beginners don't even think about.

Imagine this:

The Struggling Unemployed Coach woke up in the morning and checked his email.


He checked his Facebook.


Checked his Instagram.


And tears rushed into his eyes. Another day with no clients, no results, no hope.

He just didn't know that a few mistakes were killing his success. The 3 No-Ps were destroying his business. 

He didn't know what he didn't know.

But YOU have come to the right place. Today, these hidden mistakes will be EXPOSED. 

Today, you'll never ever have to fall into their sneaky traps. Today will be a special day.

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Show Notes Transcript

#026 Are you doing any of these 3 sneaky mistakes that 95% of New Coaches do?

They're the 3 Online Coaching Business Destroyers that beginners don't even think about.

Imagine this:

The Struggling Unemployed Coach woke up in the morning and checked his email.


He checked his Facebook.


Checked his Instagram.


And tears rushed into his eyes. Another day with no clients, no results, no hope.

He just didn't know that a few mistakes were killing his success. The 3 No-Ps were destroying his business. 

He didn't know what he didn't know.

But YOU have come to the right place. Today, these hidden mistakes will be EXPOSED. 

Today, you'll never ever have to fall into their sneaky traps. Today will be a special day.

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## Chapter 4: The 3 Hidden No-Ps That Destroy New Online Coaching Businesses

The Struggling Unemployed Coach woke up in the morning and checked his email. Nothing. 
He checked his Facebook. Nothing. 
Checked his Instagram. Nothing.

And tears rushed into his eyes. Another day with no clients, no results, no hope.

He just didn't know that a few mistakes were killing his success. The 3 No-Ps were destroying his business. 

He didn't know what he didn't know.

But YOU have come to the right place. Today, these hidden mistakes will be EXPOSED. Today, you'll never ever have to fall into their sneaky traps. Today will be a special day.

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### 4.1 My Story:

We all have moments that truly change our lives.

It's 5 years ago. I am there, laying stiff in my bed, totally numb, trying to fall asleep and escape the hell I am living.

But I can't sleep: my own fat is strangling my lungs, suffocating my chest, I' too overweight to breath.

"This is NOT the life I want!"

In a month, I'll turn 30. I'm a prisoner to a job that crushes my soul. Dead way before my time. 

Junk food helps me. It distracts me from the pain, but I can't take it any longer.

I am tired of waiting for something to happen, something to change my life. Tired of disappointment. Tired of hope.

And a thought popped up: "Do I want the next decade of my life to be like this?!" 

The answer is: NO.

I thought this job was temporary. After graduating university in 2008. After 2 years of crisis and bad luck... 

After a lot of begging, pleading, and trying, I got a job that has nothing to do with what I studied.

And then began the lonely hell. 

Because no loneliness is worse than spending your day surrounded by people you don't care about, who don't care about you, doing things you know don't matter at all.

With every little task you complete in your job, your dreams cry a little bit more inside.

In that moment, on my bed, I have a choice: 

Either to let my dreams die, or to fight for the life I want.

And I choose to fight. I choose to refuse: 

I refuse to give up. I refuse to accept this life. I don't want this. I refuse to die inside, a little more, every day.

I didn't sleep that night. I couldn't. I just knew if I don't do something, it might become too late.

Life is already slipping away fast: The weeks passing by like days. It's Sunday, then another Sunday, then the next Sunday, and it seems there are no days in between. 
It's January then suddenly Summer and back again to New Year's Eve. It feels like the year is just another short month.

Time is passing. Tik. Tok. Tik. Tok. I have to break this cycle. I have to take back control.

So, the very next morning, early and bright, I wrote my 30 day notice, and rushed to work, to give it to my boss.

I remember the crisp white paper I just signed looking like an island of hope in the middle of his dark mahogany desk.

I take that as a symbol. I take that as a omen. That my decision is the right one.

And suddenly, I feel my lips smiling. I haven't smiled for a long time.

Suddenly, I'm dreaming. And I have forgotten what it means to dream.

And 30 days from that day, on my 30th birthday, I'm excited to turn my back on that job one final time. I'm walking out of that door, forever.

I haven't celebrated a birthday for a long time. Birthdays just remind me that death is coming. But that birthday is the day I feel reborn.

I'm walking out with no savings. With no income. With no real plan. 

But I just know: My old life has to stop. 
I decided that I will give EVERYTHING for my dreams.

In this new life, I will create my own financial security, on my own terms, marching to the beat of my own drums.

I have to create my destiny and not let it happen to me.

That was 5 years ago. 5 years where I found freedom and independence. 5 years where my weight dropped 50 pounds.

Maybe I'm not born to be an employee.

Maybe it was the wrong company. That's possible.

Or maybe this is my declaration of Independence from the path my mother chose for me. 

My mother is a good woman. 

Years ago, when my father abandoned us, she had to raise me as single mom, to be both my mother and the father. 

But she is too controlling. She planned my whole life. And part of her big plan is that I will have a good job that pays the bills.

But that's not ME.

And now, as long as I'm my own boss, my own man, on my own path, I'm following my own plan, then I'm not living HER plan I've followed my whole my life. 

I'm listening to my own thoughts, making my own decisions, living my own destiny.

And each beginner coach that I'm helping to create their own online business, that's one more person I save. One more person that gets freedom from what they're expected to be, to choose their own life, to have the financial security to live the way they want.

Doing this is: what gives me energy. Doing this is my source of courage. Doing this is what keeps me going when the obstacles and doubts show up to taunt me.

But this is not about me. This is about you.

Is it your turn to get your financial security, freedom, and independence? Is it your turn to have a clear path to live life your way?

If it is, then pay attention to this very special episode.

If it is, pay careful attention to the 3 No-Ps.

### 4.2 No Persistence:

No Persistence...

Many people understand persistence as: You keep going forward when times get tough.

And that is good.

But this is NOT what I'm talking about.

I'm talking about a part of Persistence that very few people mention, and that this story illustrates beautifully:

Learning the Russian language.

Russian will be the 6th Language I'll speak. 

Learning languages from countries I like is very important to me. 

10 years ago, I traveled to Barcelona without speaking any Spanish, and I felt like there is a glass wall between me and the locals. It was a truly missed opportunity for connection. 

While when I made my childhood dream a reality, when I traveled to live Rio de Janeiro after quitting my job, my experience was totally positive because I spoke Brazilian Portuguese. I was able to make friends, to connect with people, and to feel like Rio was my home.

Learning the language makes a big difference. This is why it is very important to me.

And today, I was listening and practicing my Russian phrases, and something happened that didn't happen before.

It's not just Persistence. Yes, I've been sticking to this for 5 months, but something suddenly seemed to change today. Something I thought would be impossible with a language as difficult as Russian.

Just like what happened in that story of the King obsessed with Chess.

A long time ago, there was a King who was the best chess player known in his time.

He could beat the smartest people. He would challenge other Kings from all over the world to chess matches, and they were certain to lose.

He was proud and full of himself.

So, he made a public promise that he intended to keep:

"Anyone who beats me in a chess match would get ANYTHING they desired."

Of course, this made every ambitious soul of that time... curious.

People came in droves, just to lose, just to end up humiliated, and go back home empty-handed.

But one bright day, early morning, a weak old man arrived to challenge the King.

This man was hunched. His voice was low. His eyes were barely visible in his wrinkly face.

But promise made, promise kept. 

The King accepted this challenge, sat down with him on a luxurious Chess table, and the game began.

Little did the King know, that Game would NOT go like he expected.

What happened is exactly the story of the little Lotus that a small Zen school tells.

A story they tell not only to give their students courage to Persist when their journey towards enlightenment gets tough. But it also summarizes that little-known side of Persistence that many people miss.

Imagine a beautiful lake: crystal clear waters, perfect sunshine, fish happily jumping from side to side.

And in the middle of that lake, there is a Lotus.

But this Lotus was almost magical. Each night, at midnight, it created a new perfect copy of itself. It doubled its numbers.

So the first day, there will be 1 magical Lotus. Second day, we'll have two. Third day, there will be four, as each double their number.

Travelers and the people passing by won't even notice what is happening. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary. Just a beautiful lake with happy fish and a few Lotuses nearby.

A week passes by, the Lotuses are barely visible in that lake. Two weeks pass by, and they look like a small island that can be ignored.

The unexpected part is: In 30 days, those magical Lotuses will cover the lake from side to side, completely covering it as if no water were there at all.

But what is most interesting is: What happened on Day 29? On day 29, half of the Lake was covered with Lotuses and the other half was not. So, in one day, half of the lake gets covered up with lotus.

And what was happening on Day 28? One Fourth of the Lake was covered and Three-Fourth were clear water that had nothing on it.

The big lesson is: most of the results happened on those final 3 days.

Just beginning on day 1 and doubling until day 27 shows basically NO RESULTS. 

Suddenly, between day 27 and day 30, results become obvious, results seem to magically happen at a velocity that exceeds all expectations.

This is such an empowering understanding!

That's what happened with the King and the Old man playing chess.

The King played. The King thought he knew all the moves.

But in Chess if someone knows a strategy you do not know,
they will beat you.

And the King lost because the Old Man knew one more Strategy than the King does know.

Do you know all the strategies that will get you the goal you want?

Anyway, the King lost, and the Old Man asked for something simple:

He asked that they put 1 grain of rice on the first square of the Chess board. And that they double it when going to the next square, each time, until the last square of the chess board.

"Easy" the King said. "I thought you'd ask for something much bigger than this little request."

Now, I ask YOU: How many grains of rice do you think the King needed to give the Old Man to keep his promise?

Maybe you're thinking a 1,000? Maybe 5,000? Or 2,0000?


It's: eighteen quintillion four hundred and forty-six quadrillion seven hundred and forty-four trillion seventy-three billion seven hundred and nine million five hundred and fifty-one thousand six hundred and fifteen!!

That's more than the total production of Rice in the world during 3000 years!

And it all started with putting 1 grain of rice next to the other.

Just to put this into perspective:

1 million seconds is 12 days.

1 billion seconds is 31 years!

1 trillion seconds 31,688 years!

So never ever under-estimate small things. Because persisting on doing small things might not show results in the beginning. Because the big results are always delayed compared to action.

But with enough persistence, you'll get to a magical place where results multiply like crazy.

This happened to me with learning Russian.

For 5 months now, I've studied Russian during 30 minutes a day.

And it's hard. Words don't stick. Repeating them hardly keeps them in my brain, and I'm experienced with learning languages.

And for months, to be able to say simple things in Russian, I had to translate the words inside my head. Often, what I said made no sense.

But today, suddenly, I seemed to have a new clarity.

Words that I learned began to make sense, I was able to create sentences fully in Russian, and it seemed easy enough that I wondered why it was so hard before.

What happened? 

Simple: I arrived at the stage where obvious results are beginning to show.

All this time, learning was happening inside my brain, but the improvements were so small I couldn't notice them. 

Until today.

And with my Mentoring clients too, there is this tendency:

They begin doing what works, what gets them success, but they expect big results within 24 minutes, or 24 hours, or 24 days.

It doesn't work that way.

The lesson of Persistence that separates the Limitless StoryBonding Coaches from the Struggling Unemployed Coaches is this:

Trust the process.

Do the work.

Be patient.

And over time, small results will add up, more and more and more.

And one day, suddenly, what I call the "Client Tornado" happens.

All because when the Struggling Unemployed Coaches gave up and went to try something else, my clients were persistent.

That's what Limitless StoryBonding Coaches do. They trust the process.

So, in everything in life, my biggest recommendation is this:

Don't give up.

Don't EVER give up.

Just don't stop persisting.

Because big results are delayed. They don't come directly when you put in the work. They need momentum, then suddenly a Tornado of Results will break loose and all the success you wish for happens.

It all comes back to one StoryBonding idea:

That life will test you. And the way it tests you is with: No.
Life will tell you no, no, no, and no. And when you've received enough No's, it rewards you with a big YES.

That's the principle that never fails.

That's the principle the "get rich quick" gurus don't want to talk about. They want to sell the easy instant success which never happens because it's a fantasy and not reality.

In reality, work and effort is rewarded. Not laziness.

So: how can you apply it to your life, today?

### 4.3 No Presence:

No Presence...

Struggling Unemployed Coaches have no Presence in their markets.

And to explain this, I invite you to imagine this metaphor:

Imagine Madrid, the Capital of Spain, with its charming streets, spicy smells, and excited tourists walking around in the summer feeling happy.

There are thousands of streets in Madrid. It's a beautiful city.

And imagine you're a Coach living in Madrid who sells his online services. You know that within Madrid, there are people who are your ideal customers, people who want your help, people who will be excited to discover YOU exist because they will love what is unique about you.

And imagine you had a magical advantage...

Well, before you discover your magical advantage, let me ask you this:

Are you a fan of James Bond movies?

Maybe, right now, you can imagine 007 in London standing confidently in his tailored sharp suit with a smirk on his face. But there is a company that is using the same Magical Advantage in each and every James Bond movie that you can use today to grow your Coaching Business.

Imagine each James Bond movie is a street. And in each movie, that company is doing something to display a kind of Billboard that lets the world know it exists, that it's cool, and that it's worth buying.

What's this company? It's Aston Martin.

Each time someone watches a James Bond movie, that's a Billboard to see an Aston Martin car doing exciting things, being a symbol of coolness, and some of those viewers will want to buy that car.

Now and for as long as there are people who watch James Bond movies, each person seeing that Aston Martin might want to buy a similar car.

It's Presence in its best form.

Now, back to your magical advantage...

And let's imagine you had this ability: Every day, you can post a Billboard of your services somewhere on any street in Madrid you choose.

...A Billboard that will let people know you exist, and when one of your ideal clients passes by, they see it, they jump up and down excited, and they contact you.

So, what's the smart move?

Simple: Every day, you'll put a new Billboard on one of the streets.

In a year, you'll have 365 Billboards. Those 365 opportunities for great clients to find you, and it's an asset that keeps working whether you are sleeping, relaxing, or having fun.

That's the essence of Presence.

You are witnessing ME do the same thing as well:

Each Podcast episode is a Billboard. And through Search Engine Optimization, people every day are discovering my Podcast. Each episode is a billboard for ideal customers to discover me and how I can help.

Or on Quora: Each high quality answer I write is a door that helps new people discover me and my brand. It's me creating Presence. It's me building new doors that can lead people to me so that I can help.

The Struggling Unemployed Coaches might put their billboards on 2 or 3 places in their market, then they will starve and complain why they're not getting ahead.

The Limitless StoryBonding Coach takes 30 minutes every day to build a door that can bring them new clients forever.

A door on day 1. Two doors on day 2. A 100 doors over time that will create a Client Tornado where success is automatic.

So: where can you begin today creating doors online that will bring you clients forever? Where can you build your presence so that you cannot be ignored?

### 4.4 No Purpose:

No Purpose...

The Struggling Unemployed Coach has only one purpose: To make some quick cash.

While Limitless StoryBonding Coaches are deeper than that.

For example, my Purpose is simple:

I am against 99% of jobs. I believe the worst thing that can happen to someone passionate and ambitious is to be stuck in a job where they're told what to do, where they're barely more than a machine, where they cannot live life on their terms and build a business that gives them complete freedom.

So my Purpose is to help people who either lost their jobs or have decided they don't want a job, to build an asset, a business that can give them financial security, and free time to live, by taking advantage of the coaching business golden age made possible by this economic crisis. More and more people are staying at home, and are buying virtual online coaching than any year before 2020.

Each person that I help is another success story that keeps my courage alive whenever obstacles happen. Because as long as we keep growing, obstacles will be on the way. This is a part of life.

Elon Musk has a Purpose for SpaceX too.

His purpose isn't to "Get paid to transport people to Mars."

Imagine him, waking up in the morning, looking at the sky, and thinking how it would be to live on that red planet.

All the possibilities, all the hope, all the lives that could be restarted and made better.

A whole new world of unlimited opportunities on a new planet.

So this was his Purpose. He said:

“You want to wake up in the morning and think the future is going to be great - and that’s what being a space-traveling civilization is all about. It’s about believing in the future and thinking that the future will be better than the past. And I can’t think of anything more exciting than going out there and being among the stars.”

That's his Purpose. He stands for something.

A Limitless StoryBonding Coach stands for something too. 

Yes, Money is important. Money is Freedom. I appreciate money, it is the tool to create the life I want. 

But if you focus on money, all you're doing is creating a new job where you are your own boss, rather than a Freedom Business that gives you the life you can think of right now.

And to get even more practical than this, pay special attention to this next point:

Money is worthless. Money is nothing. Money is zero. Money is fiat. It is just paper.

And in life, what we focus on, we get more of it.

So focusing on nothing, on zero, which is money, just gets us more of that Zero. It's what the Struggling Unemployed Coaches focus on, and it's what Poverty Consciousness tricks them to obsess about.

But what does Wealth Consciousness focus on?

It focuses on Value.

Value is the difference you bring to the lives of your clients. Value is what you create in the world.

So, your Purpose is your own specific summary of how you uniquely add value to the world.

By focusing on your purpose, you're giving attention and energy to Value, which means you're growing that value, which gives you happy loyal customers who stay with you for months and years.

That's what we're going for: A few happy clients who pay you well so that you don't have to keep hustling to find new people all the time.

That's what the Limitless StoryBonding Coaches do: They have a Purpose. They focus on Value, and grow value. While everyone else does not.

That's why you and me are the 5% who know the truth. You and me are the 5% who do what really works. You and me are the 5% who have Persistence, Presence, and Purpose.

That's why we don't struggle, while the 95% do.

### 4.5 Limitless Mentoring:

And just like I said 15 minutes ago: This Podcast is for Beginners Wanting to succeed as an Online Coach.

Losing your job hurts. It's a shock to the system.

After all that you've done for them, they let you go so easily.

And now, your life isn't at all what you wished it to be.

Waking up in the morning, lost, not knowing what you'll do in your day: no structure, no purpose, no real control over your life.

No happiness. Only depression. Throat is tight. Stress burning your chest. Too distracted to give your family the love and care they deserve.

Even afraid to look into your bank account because bills are eating up your savings, like a hungry hyena.

Your biggest goal is to avoid the piercing eyes, and the curious questions of everyone...

...They hope for the good news you just don't have.

And you try to keep the hope alive. 

But deep down, you know that hope is an illusion: This is the worst economic crisis of our lifetime. 

With so many tens of millions unemployed, any hope to find a good job after getting fired is a mere mirage. Truly an illusion.

It's time to do something else. To do something new. To do something different.

But this crisis did something good in this world: 

People are staying at home. They're buying more online coaching than ever. That is the opportunity: the Golden Age of online coaching is right now.

This is about financial security. About building a safety net you can count on, never ever having your income under the control of someone else. To have control over your own livelihood.

This is about having both the money AND the time to create more happy memories with those you love. Because happy memories are the real wealth in life. They make life meaningful.

This is about healing your past wounds. Each person you'll help will heal you from the traumas of the past, because you'll see that real change is possible in this world.

Because everyone willing to do the work deserves a chance to a new life. Because everyone willing to be courageous deserves a life of financial security. Because everyone willing to invest in themselves deserves a life without any money worries.

The StoryBonding Way is not for everyone. This Podcast is only for the Top 5%. This is for the people who have lost their jobs and want something better, something different, something new. 

And first and foremost, this is for those who have these 3 characteristics of a Limitless StoryBonding Coach:

* Courage: This is for those who understand that being afraid is normal. But rather than running away, they choose to move forward. To take one step forward every day.
* Investor Mentality: This is for the ones willing to invest in themselves. Because they know, investing in yourself is always the best investment there is.
* Kindness: This is for the givers, not the takers. For those who know the more goodness they spread in this world, the more will return back to them.

Without these characteristics, you'll be destined to a life of a typical Struggling Unemployed Coach. 

With these, you're way ahead.

With these, you can become a Limitless StoryBonding Coach who has financial security, who can live life on your terms.

And what does a Limitless StoryBonding Coach do that a Struggling Unemployed Coach doesn't?

Everyday, a Limitless StoryBonding Coach does 3 simple actions to get better compounding results:

(1) Learn 1 new thing every day.
(2) Open 1 small door that can lead to income.
(3) Collect 1 Simple StoryBonding story.

That's it.

These are your daily L.O.C.s: Learn, Open, Collect.

This is about becoming 1% better every day.

When you become a Limitless StoryBonding Coach that I personally Mentor, the specific goal is the following:

* To clear out the head-trash that is keeping you stuck. As a professional hypnotherapist, I will dig deep to free you from these limitations.
* To uncover your Hidden Natural Gift so that you coach people using your hidden strengths. This is both exciting and very valuable to the world. 
* To get you 5 Loyal Coaching Clients who pay you monthly $900 dollars for the premium coaching packages we will create. As a Copywriter with 8 years of experience and the brain behinds StoryBonding Marketing, I will put all my expertise and knowledge to help you get there.
* You'll get a step-by-step coaching process -- The StoryBonding Coaching Framework -- so that you know exactly what to do during each session with your loyal clients to keep them satisfied and to get them results. All you do is follow the framework.
* All of this while working a maximum of 5 hours a day, then taking the rest of the time to live life on your terms, doing what makes your heart happy.

Because it makes no sense to become a slave to your business when you build it.

This is not a get-rich quick scheme. This requires WORK. 

This is not about being a Millionaire. This is about financial security, having a safety net you can count on, and never ever having your income under the control of someone else. 

This is about security, independence, and a chance at a new life.

I'll hold your hand and guide you step-by-step through the confusing beginnings, making it as simple as possible to do what works now during this crisis, and beyond.

In a world where social isolation is becoming normal, now is the Golden Age of online coaching. Now is the right time.

You can choose to do it on your own. That's what the typical Struggling Unemployed Coaches do.

Or you can do it right: The StoryBonding Way.

StoryBonding is about getting coaching clients through honesty.


Then Stop everything and send an email now to:

And we will begin a conversation about your unique situation and the next step that is right for you.

But this is only for those who have the courage to take a step forward... Those willing to invest in themselves:

Because if you're not willing to invest in yourself, how can you expect loyal clients to pay you premium prices?

Begin. Take a step forward, today. Because each day that passes, someone else is working to build this secure future, and you're not.

Will you let this happen? Choose wisely.

### 4.6 Dune Quote:

And I leave you with this quote that Frank Herbert, this quote from Dune to think about and meditate on:

"I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past, I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the fear has gone, there will be nothing. Only I will remain."