The Coronavirus Strategy To Dominate & Succeed In Any Coaching Niche

August 07, 2020 Abdulaziz M Alhamdan M.Sc. Episode 25
The Coronavirus Strategy To Dominate & Succeed In Any Coaching Niche
The Coronavirus Strategy To Dominate & Succeed In Any Coaching Niche
Aug 07, 2020 Episode 25
Abdulaziz M Alhamdan M.Sc.

#025 The Coronavirus is causing the biggest economic crisis of our lifetimes.
Millions of jobs lost. Many traditional businesses are trying to survive.

However, in this world getting more and more used to social isolation, people are buying more and more coaching services.
So, how can a new coach get attention, get clients, build a business and succeed in this environment?

Well, in an unexpected way, the Coronavirus comes to the rescue: 
We can learn from the Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 these unexpected strategies to get clients, retain clients' loyalty, and to grow your clients base.

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Show Notes Transcript

#025 The Coronavirus is causing the biggest economic crisis of our lifetimes.
Millions of jobs lost. Many traditional businesses are trying to survive.

However, in this world getting more and more used to social isolation, people are buying more and more coaching services.
So, how can a new coach get attention, get clients, build a business and succeed in this environment?

Well, in an unexpected way, the Coronavirus comes to the rescue: 
We can learn from the Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 these unexpected strategies to get clients, retain clients' loyalty, and to grow your clients base.

Does that sounds interesting? Then listen to this episode and subscribe today.

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## Chapter 3: The Coronavirus Strategy To Dominate & Succeed In Your Coaching Niche

What can you learn from the Coronavirus that will help you dominate and succeed in whatever coaching niche you choose? This is new, this is different, this is effective.

First, a little important lesson: Henry Ford was 16. He was sleeping on the floor of a machine shop in Detroit. His supervisor took pity on him, helping him save money for rent.

Little did Ford know that day will change his future, and the whole of history.

What happened on that specific day? 

Listen to this episode and you will know!

### 3.1 The Importance of Thinking

Hey you beautiful person right there! It's me Abdulaziz.

And right away, I want to share something: I remember that day clearly. Vividly. Where I was 16 years old, sitting in a café, and I looked around and thought:

"I don't want to be like any of these people."

Not out of arrogance. But because I didn't see around me anyone who was happy.

I didn't see around me anyone who had the life I wished to have.

I didn't see around any role model for the bright future I wanted.

And I chose to look inward, to trust myself, and to become a Thinker.

Because I believe when we take time to think, we understand life better. And when we understand life better, we can have more control. And when we have more control, we can do the right things that work to get us the goals we want in life. Rather than doing what everyone else is doing, and ending up stuck and unhappy just like 95% of people are.

We're thinkers. We're the 5%.

Just like Henry Ford on that day that changed his life.

Henry Ford was 16. He was sleeping on the floor of a machine shop in Detroit. His supervisor took pity on him, helping him save money for rent.

Little did Ford know that experience will change his future, and the whole of history.

It was the first time Ford left the farm where he was born and got to know people. And he noticed something was very wrong in almost everyone he met:

Young men. Old men. Immigrants. Machine workers. Policemen. Thieves.

They all had something in common. They all had something that kept them stuck in whatever life they happened to have never ever getting out of it no matter how bad it was until they left this earth.

What was wrong with them? The grey matter between their ears was left unused. They never used their brains. They never took the time to think.

Most people just accept whatever life gives them. They are at effect. They receive orders from the world, and don't take time to think, to act, to be at cause.

He noticed every person he talked to was almost like a train: Set on rails that were going one way and one way only with no deviation. Basically prisoners to the rigid rules of life they have imposed on themselves.

This is why Ford learned a deep lesson that he repeated many times later: "Thinking is hard work. This is why very few people do it."

And he is right.

But not for you, not anymore.

And this is not just human nature. But it's programmed onto humanity for thousands of years because of a very disturbing logical truth.

In Systems Theory, for any System to work optimally, each part of it needs to not work at its maximum ability. Each part needs to sacrifice for the whole.

In Society too: For society to work efficiently, 99% of people need to not live up to their potential.

Because if there are too many Kings, there would not be enough peasants.

Someone need to do work they hate, live a life they barely tolerate, which keeps the whole thing working well even if each person is dying inside.

Those 95% who don't think are in such a situation. A depressive state of automatic being where they go through the motions and believe it's the right thing to do, and there is nothing better possible for them.

An example of this programming Society puts into people since their youth to keep them happy being the peasants, not disturbing the order of things to become Kings is the story of Prometheus.

I view Prometheus as a hero. But that story is supposed to be a warning to all those who choose to think and gain insight into life.

It was that day on Mt. Olympus where Prometheus chose to stand for the freedom of humanity.

He raided the workshops at Mt. Olympus, risking everything. He could feel his heart beating so loud it almost drowned out all the noises around him, his sweat beating cold on his flesh, as he held that flame in his hands and ran to share it with humanity.

What did that flame do? It allowed humans to do things they could not do before, to control their environment in ways they never could, to become more powerful.

What does that too? Thinking. Thinking is the Spark to your flame of understanding. Thinking is your superpower, the one nobody could challenge because it's totally under your control. Thinking is what solves problems and evaluates to higher success.

And for this good deed Prometheus was punished. He was chained by Zeus for all of eternity where his liver would be painfully plucked and devoured by an eagle again, and again, and again, and again. Endless pain.

Is that story true? No, it is not. But nonetheless, people believed it. Nonetheless, people took it as a warning to not get out of line. To not seek "forbidden" knowledge and real insight into life. To stay peasants, to stay within the 95%. As Yuri's people in Red Alert 2 say: "I hear and I obey".

And that is the essence of how to get freedom:

The very first thing I work on with my clients is to detox their brains from all the stories they have been told and that they believe.

Those stories are poison. They are shackles. They are the prison bars that limit the lives of so many people. It's a tragedy.

So the very first thing that is necessary is to dig deep and change those stories. Because it's your life, why would you live it following a narrative that puts you down, that causes self-doubts, and that keeps a nagging voice inside your head torturing you with criticism and pain?

Because in order to get back your power of proper thinking, all that head trash has to be cleared out and dumped somewhere else. So that the thoughts are purified, the logic will be sound. And therefore, the thinking will be effective.

And here is an exercise I wish for everyone so that you understand really how bad this is:

Look around you -- do you see people who are really happy? Do you see people living life on their terms?

95% of people aren't happy and aren't satisfied. This is why we choose to be the 5%. And what we do is use our brains and think. Thinking is our competitive advantage during this economic crisis. So while everyone else struggles and waits for someone to come solve their problems, we're ahead of the curve: We think in order to succeed.

### 3.2 Coronavirus Strategy 1: Method of Entry

So let's use our brains together to learn from the Coronavirus, the most successful virus of our times, how we can dominate any coaching niche we enter into.

As soon as SARS-CoV-2 enters the mouth, nose or eyes of a person, the dangerous countdown begins: It has a very short time to find the right cells to infect, otherwise all hope is lost.

Just like for you and me: When we market in these times where people have barely 4 seconds of attention to give, we have to capture their attention otherwise they're gone onto the next shiny thing. That's an opportunity lost, a person we could have transformed gone... forever.

So what does the Coronavirus do? It doesn't try to infect all cells or to have a 100 keys to bind with cells, or even 10 keys or 5.

The solution that the Coronavirus found to succeed is ultra-specialization: It binds to the ACE2 receptors with a specific key that no other virus uses. So that there is no competition.

What does this mean for us? That in this world where all markets are overcrowded, our key to get people's attention and take a place on their minds is to become ultra-specialized.

To get our foot in the door with one thing and one thing only.

Apple does that too. For students, it gets in with special deals on the Macbook for them to use during their college year. For the rest of the population, it's the iPhone.

That's their ACE2 receptor, just like the Coronavirus.

And successful retailers, they use a clever trick to grab people's attention and get them into the store:

They send you a brochure, an email, or show you an ad where suddenly, toilet paper is 50% off! 

And you're sitting there, in your living room, and remember:

"Just a few months ago toilet paper was gone everywhere, and now it's 50% off! I need to hurry up and get there ASAP! I need to stockpile in case the lockdowns return so I don't run out of it!"

And BAAM, with 1 specific product, they got you into their store. They caught your attention, and got your action.

Magnificent marketing. A strategy the Coronavirus used successfully millions of times.

And it's something a client of mine, let's call him Mr T used too.

Most people when they come to me they don't think they have a valuable talent, ability or knowledge that people will pay for.

But they're always wrong. So far, I work with the assumption that everyone has a Hidden Natural Talent somewhere, and it's for me to dig enough to find it.

At first, Mr T seemed average. He didn't do anything exceptional in his life. He lives according to normal, trying to be normal and not rock the boat.

But talking with him more and more, I discovered he got divorced last year. Which happens.

And digging deeper, I found out when he got divorced, he was 50 pounds overweight. He was a big guy. And after his divorce, he has decided to get into better shape.

So what did Mr T do? He lost 50 pounds in 5 months without starving himself!

And that's his Coronavirus entry-point: Now everyone who just got divorced and want to lose some weight find his marketing story interesting, magnetic, irresistible.

The Coronavirus shows that the strategy of ultra-specialization works marvelously.

Get smaller. Get tiny. Get pinpointed.

And what's people's biggest fears when they do this? Their biggest fear is they won't find enough people to make a good living when they become ultra-specific.

Well, there is something very wrong with this assumption. And the Coronavirus can teach us about how to fix it with its second strategy.

### 3.3 Coronavirus Strategy 2: Spread to Get

More and more autopsies are showing us that the Coronavirus doesn't just stay in the lungs.

It doesn't just do one job and one job only.

What the Coronavirus does is it enters infects the lungs, but it begins to spread to other vital organs.

It invades the heart. It invades the brain. It even gets to the toes of the patients.

Just turning them all into mini-factories to create more Coronavirus and to keep growing and spreading.

And what can we learn from such a sinister image?

It's that your ultra-specific point of entry is just Project One. It's just the thing to get your foot in the door.

If all you did is provide that one specific offer, maybe you'll get enough people, or maybe you won't.

But what's most important is this: What makes people buy first and foremost is trust.

And in this day and age: Your client wakes up in the morning and sees his inbox full of emails from people selling him stuff.

He goes to shops and people try to sell him more stuff.

Every street he turns or webpage he clicks on, ads selling him more and more stuff.

Your prospect is on-guard. He doesn't trust anyone. And that's a good strategy, to buy from people he feels trust towards.

Well, guess what: After you finish the specific service or project you offer them, what do you have now? You have their trust!

This means if you find other things you can help them with, they will choose you, the person they trust and know over someone else they haven't bought from before!

Apple does this strategy as well.

Imagine you just got a brand new iPhone, and you're excited!

You touch it, it feels luxurious. Your take pictures with it, and it's flawless. You use it around people and they tell you how impressed they are, so you're getting validation.

You now trust that the iPhone was a good purchase.

And bit by bit, you begin wondering...

"What if I got an Apple Watch with it too? It looks cool. I'm impressed with the iPhone and everyone I know like my phone. So why not... Let me buy for myself the Apple Watch as a gift."

Then they get it, it's fashionable, it works smoothly, they love it!

Then, they begin to think:

"Well, I need a new laptop. I'm happy with the iPhone and the Apple Watch. Why not get one of those Macbook Airs. It will probably be as good!"

And they buy it. Apple gets more of their money. And what started as an iPhone turned to thousands of dollars more.

That's the power of giving people results once when they buy from you, they'll want to spend more and more money with you because they have trust.

And this is a very smart strategy. This is what thinking allows you to understand and discover.

Or that retail shop that sent you a promotion for the 50% off on toilet paper.

You arrive to the shop, you get 5 large boxes of toilet paper, then you look around and remember:

"Oh, I don't have mineral water! I'm already here, let me get some."

"Oh, I forgot that I needed shampoo. While I'm here, I'll buy some."

"Oh, that chocolate looks tasty, I'll just get a few bars to enjoy on the road home."

"Oh, that brand new TV would be a perfect gift for my father! Since I'm here, I'll put a deposit for it on my Credit Card. His birthday is soon."

And what started with a few boxes of toilet paper becomes a an expensive trip to the supermarket indeed.

All began with something ultra-specific.

Just like what happened to Mr T.

When clients come to him at first, they want to lose some weight.

And they begin to lose weight, and are so happy! They trust the guy!

Then, they begin themselves begin to look at other ways he can help them. Because trust is so rare, people want to get help from people they trust.

Maybe they aren't feeling okay after the divorce, and want to ask him his strategies for overcoming the trauma of divorce.

Or they have children, and want his advice how to stay in the lives of their children and not affect them negatively with the divorce.

Or they have questions about how best to handle their financial situation after the separation.

And many many other things that a small Ultra-Specific offer opened the door for them to get a lot more help...

So the clients can transform their lives by someone they trust, they can avoid the fakes and those who promise and don't deliver, and Mr T gets paid more per client so he doesn't need many clients to live a great life!

That's the second Coronavirus Strategy: You begin by specializing, then once you have trust, you expand and generalize.

It begins in the lungs, they spreads all over.

And you begin with a specific small easy help and deliver on your promises to get more and more work with fewer clients.

Think: How can you begin implementing the two previous strategies, today? 

Is there something you can do right now?

### 3.4 Coronavirus Strategy 3: The Incubation Period

The Incubation Period.

This is the period where the Coronavirus stays active inside the human body infecting those the person speaks with, touches, or is near.

This means the Coronavirus is using each person in order to jump into the bodies of others and it does so for around 14 days.

Why is this relevant for you?

This is relevant, because of a simple truth:

Identity-Based Matching Theory.

This means that people who have similar values, similar lives, similar problems, similar interests hang out together and become friends.

And this gives you a HUGE opportunity: Each client you get that you do good with with knows many other ideal clients they can refer to you!

I mean: Have you ever wondered why the Apple Logo is very clearly showing on each one of their products, and often glowing with light?

Steve Jobs was sitting on his desk when we began thinking.

He was well aware of the Identity-Based Matching Theory, and it just hit him, the Eureka!

Any person who buys Apple Products is different to those who buy Microsoft or Android.

And Apply Product buyers would be hanging out with people who are similar to them, the ideal Apple Customers.

So what did he do? He made sure the Apple Logo was shiny and bright on the back of each Macbook so that it's free advertisement for Apple.

This increased sales way beyond what you can ever imagine.

This same viral approach is used in Quora as well.

A reader is enjoying his day at Quora when they suddenly see an answer they like.

They begin reading it, and it's very interesting.

They keep reading it, and they learn one thing or two.

They're impressed, so they click Upvote!

What happens next? That answer gets automatically shown to a few more people who have similar interests as the Upvoter.

Then, another person reads the answer and likes it. They click Upvote. And the answer gets more priority and gets shown to more people.

And the cycle gets into more and more intensity: Shown more of the people who are similar to those who liked the answer, those are more likely to Upvote it, and therefore it gets shown to more people, and the spiral of success gets momentum!

This is a very important part of getting the success you want in life.

This is why, to keep speaking of Mr T, I told him just last week:

"Never be passive. Always ask for what you want in life."

This means to not just wish people to refer their friends to you, let them know in a very friendly and nice way:

"If you know someone who would be interested in my services, please give them my website."

"If you know someone who got recently divorced, tell them about my services."

And I say to you now: If you know someone who would be interested in this Podcast, please share it with them. Send them the link or share with them this episode.

And if you are interested in applying the Coronavirus Niche Domination Strategy into your coaching business, then email me right now to: and just say Hello. Let's begin a conversation about your specific situation and what's the best next step for you.

Remember: This whole strategy works when you have trust. And trust comes from keeping your word and delivering on your promises.

It's not possible to succeed in life by fooling people. Or as Charlie Munger said: "The best way to get what you want in life is to deserve it."

And everything you may need will to be the person who delivers real value to real clients is in this Podcast and in my Mentoring services.

### 3.5 Limitless StoryBonding Coach

And remember: This Podcast is for Beginners Wanting to succeed as an Online Coach.

Losing your job hurts. It's a shock to the system.

After all that you've done for them, they let you go so easily.

And now, your life isn't at all what you wished it to be.

Waking up in the morning, lost, not knowing what you'll do in your day: no structure, no purpose, no real control over your life.

No happiness. Only depression. Throat is tight. Stress burning your chest. Too distracted to give your family the love and care they deserve.

Even afraid to look into your bank account because bills are eating up your savings, like a hungry hyena.

Your biggest goal is to avoid the piercing eyes, and the curious questions of everyone...

...They hope for the good news you just don't have.

And you try to keep the hope alive. 

But deep down, you know that hope is an illusion: This is the worst economic crisis of our lifetime. 

With so many tens of millions unemployed, any hope to find a good job after getting fired is a mere mirage. Truly an illusion.

It's time to do something else. To do something new. To do something different.

But this crisis did something good in this world: 

People are staying at home. They're buying more online coaching than ever. That is the opportunity: the Golden Age of online coaching is right now.

This is about financial security. About building a safety net you can count on, never ever having your income under the control of someone else. To have control over your own livelihood.

This is about having both the money AND the time to create more happy memories with those you love. Because happy memories are the real wealth in life. They makes life meaningful.

This is about healing your past wounds. Each person you'll help will heal you from the traumas of the past, because you'll see that real change is possible in this world.

Because everyone willing to do the work deserves a chance at a new life. Because everyone willing to be courageous deserves a life of financial security. Because everyone willing to invest in themselves deserves a life without any money worries.

The StoryBonding Way is not for everyone. This Podcast is only for the Top 5%. This is for the people who have lost their jobs and want something better, something different, something new. 

And first and foremost, this is for those who have these 3 characteristics of a Limitless StoryBonding Coach:

* Courage: This is for those who understand that being afraid is normal. But rather than running away, they choose to move forward. To take one step forward every day.
* Investor Mentality: This is for the ones willing to invest in themselves. Because they know, investing in yourself is always the best investment there is.
* Kindness: This is for the givers, not the takers. For those who know the more goodness they spread in this world, the more will return back to them.

Without these characteristics, you'll be destined to a life of a typical Struggling Unemployed Coach. 

With these, you're way ahead.

With these, you can become a Limitless StoryBonding Coach who has financial security, who can live life on your terms.

And what does a Limitless StoryBonding Coach do that a Struggling Unemployed Coach doesn't?

Everyday, a Limitless StoryBonding Coach does 3 simple actions to get better compounding results:

(1) Learn 1 new thing every day.
(2) Open 1 small door that can lead to income.
(3) Collect 1 Simple StoryBonding story.

That's it.

These are your daily L.O.C.s: Learn, Open, Collect.

When you become a Limitless StoryBonding Coach that I personally Mentor, the specific goal is the following:

* To clear out the head-trash that is keeping you stuck. As a professional hypnotherapist, I will dig deep to free you from these limitations.
* To uncover your Hidden Natural Gift so that you coach people using your hidden strengths. This is both exciting and very valuable to the world. 
* To get you 5 Loyal Coaching Clients who pay you monthly $900 dollars for the premium coaching packages we will create. As a Copywriter with 8 years of experience and the brain behinds StoryBonding Marketing, I will put all my expertise and knowledge to help you get there.
* You'll get a step-by-step coaching process -- The StoryBonding Coaching Framework -- so that you know exactly what to do during each session with your loyal clients to keep them satisfied and to get them results. All you do is follow the framework.
* All of this while working a maximum of 5 hours a day, then taking the rest of the time to live life on your terms, doing what makes you heart happy.

Because it makes no sense to because a slave to your business when you build it.

This not a get-rich quick scheme. This requires WORK. 

This is not about being a Millionaire. This is about financial security, having a safety net you can count on, and never ever having your income under the control of someone else. 

This is about security, independence, and a chance at a new life.

I'll hold your hand and guide you step-by-step through the confusing beginnings, making it as simple as possible to do what works now during this crisis, and beyond.

In a world where social isolation is becoming normal, now is the Golden Age of online coaching. Now is the right time.

You can choose to do it on your own. That's what the typical Struggling Unemployed Coaches do.

Or you can do it right: The StoryBonding Way.


Then Stop everything and send an email now to:

And we will begin a conversation about your unique situation and the next step that is right for you.

But this is only for those who have the courage to take a step forward... Those willing to invest in themselves:

Because if you're not willing to invest in yourself, how can you expect loyal clients to pay you premium prices?

Begin. Take a step forward, today. Because each day that passes, someone else is working to build this secure future, and you're not.

Will you let this happen? Choose wisely.

### 3.6 The Importance of Courage 

Remember, your future really comes down to your courage. It has nothing to do with being fearless.

I remember that day I have decided to leave my country and go live in Brazil.

I remember that moment I was in the shower, and fear overtook me: I was under the shower, water falling down my head, I'm trying to calm down the butterflies in my stomach or to wash away the fear right out of my flesh.

And it didn't work. And it wasn't logical. There was no logical reason to feel fear. And still I was there, scared almost to death simply because it was a big change, something I haven't done before.

And what did I do? I simply chose to be afraid and still put one foot in front of the other, and change my life, change my location, go to a whole other continent where I knew nobody because my future was more important for me than my temporary discomfort or fear.

Even when buying the flight ticket, I remember my hand was almost frozen refusing to click on the button to complete the purchase just out of irrational fear.

So I would put two hands on the mouse, force my finger on top of the button, wish for the best, breath out and click to get it done with. 

To force things to happen, because hesitation was more stressful than deciding and knowing it's done, it is decided, there is no turning back.

Hesitation is the most stressful experience a human can ever live. To feel like it's fire burning in your belly and your chest. And the pain and stress keeps going and going and going. But the only real way out is to decide, to commit, to take the step forward, then suddenly, your body relaxes because you know it is done. The first step is taken, and all that is left now is to have the experience.

Courage is the story of Mijal Eisen who has decided to travel from Miami to a village in Kenya in order to care for orphan children.

When Mijal Eisen booked the plane ticket right after graduating college, she didn't know what will happen or what she really has gotten herself into.

All she knew is: this is what she's meant to do. This is an important step towards the future she wants.

So she chose to decide. She chose to believe. She chose to have courage and take a step forward.

Or in the words of Mark Zuckerberg:

"In a world that is changing quickly, the biggest risk you can take is to not take any risk at all."

Well, it has worked for him. Worked for him so well that he's one of the richest people in the world.

So maybe, just maybe, courage will work for you too.

Because remember: Courage is one of the 3 Characteristics of a Limitless StoryBonding Coach.

So I challenge you to take a small risk every day. Because really, in order to get anything out of the ordinary, you have to try something you haven't done before.

Maybe say NO to something you felt embarrassed to say no to so that you open the space to say YES to something good.

Maybe share your true opinion when you usually would just agree with what everyone else says.

Or maybe it means to take the step forward that you know will get you towards the life of independence and financial security you want.

The choice is yours. 

I believe in you.

Good night!