Why Marketing Funnels Are The Biggest Scam of 2020 And The Free 3-Step Plan To Implement Instead

July 27, 2020 Abdulaziz M Alhamdan M.Sc. Episode 23
Why Marketing Funnels Are The Biggest Scam of 2020 And The Free 3-Step Plan To Implement Instead
Why Marketing Funnels Are The Biggest Scam of 2020 And The Free 3-Step Plan To Implement Instead
Jul 27, 2020 Episode 23
Abdulaziz M Alhamdan M.Sc.

#23C01T33 Have you ever heard of Marketing Funnels? Of course you have. They're being hyped left and right lately.

The reality is: Marketing Funnels are the biggest scam pushed in 2020.

The Marketing Funnels That Gurus Sell Don't Work Because of 3 Obvious Reasons. And What To Do Instead.

Listen to this episode to know why, and to have a clear and free 3-step plan you can use, today.

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Show Notes Transcript

#23C01T33 Have you ever heard of Marketing Funnels? Of course you have. They're being hyped left and right lately.

The reality is: Marketing Funnels are the biggest scam pushed in 2020.

The Marketing Funnels That Gurus Sell Don't Work Because of 3 Obvious Reasons. And What To Do Instead.

Listen to this episode to know why, and to have a clear and free 3-step plan you can use, today.

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## Chapter 1: Why Marketing Funnels Are The Biggest Scam of 2020 And The Free 3-Step Plan To Implement Instead

### 1.01 Introduction

Have you ever heard of Marketing Funnels? Of course you have. They're being hyped left and right lately.

The reality is: Marketing Funnels are the biggest scam pushed in 2020.

Listen to this episode to know why, and to have a clear and free 3-step plan to use instead.

### 1.02 Salutation

Hello beautiful person! It's me again, Abdulaziz, the Introverted Rebel, Master of Science in Entrepreneurship and New Business Venturing, and author of the upcoming book "The StoryBonding Success Principles".

It's way past midnight.

And today, sitting here in my office chair in front of a blue desk with my notes on my Laptop, and I want to talk to you about a very important topic.

### 1.03 Episode Mission Statement

Online Gurus prey on the innocents. They come up with a shiny object after another, dangle it in front of hopeful internet marketers, and in the end, they come up short.

The latest of their scams is selling to good people the idea that by copying or implementing a Sales and Marketing Funnel just like those Gurus teach is the secret key, the missing piece, the true way to wealth and success.

Then, the well-meaning online business owners spends his hard-earned money on one of their programs or packages, implements the steps exactly as they say, and... nothing happens.

No extra sales. No extra earning. No promises fulfilled.

Why is this? Because there is a fundamental mistake in how Marketing Funnels are sold today, a mistake that guarantees they will never ever work for you.

However, this won't be your case anymore.

Today, right here, you will know exactly what's wrong with all Marketing Funnels that Gurus sell, and you will have a simple 3-step Plan to fulfill all the goals those Gurus made you hope for, totally for free.

It's something you can begin implementing TODAY. So listen to this full episode to get all the benefits, and miss nothing.

### 1.04 General Mission Statement

The world is changing, and not at all for the better. 

Times are hard. People are unaware that, soon, Artificial Intelligence will replace their jobs, and out-compete their small businesses into bankruptcy. 

This Podcast is about developing the skills and the marketing capabilities that only a human can excel at. It's about focusing on the things that give your communication soul, and your abilities depth. 

So that you're protected, secure, never threatened by the future of A.I. This Podcast is about making you: Irreplaceable... Irreplaceable In Your Marketplace. 

The machines are getting smarter and smarter, and right here, we're taking a stand for Humans to win. Here, you will know how to succeed. Join me on this journey, Subscribe today.

### 1.05 What are Marketing Funnels?

Marketing funnels are a theoretical structure.

They are a series of steps you take your prospects to so that they are at the maximal possible receptivity to buy when you call them to action and make them an offer.

...So far so good.

The problem is: Gurus sell to people a ready-made funnel and tell them that just by putting it in place, they will convert more leads and money will start flowing more and more.

So, what they are selling are Funnels that they say have worked for them, steps they say converted more leads for them, and the exact words and buying buttons they say work right now.

### 1.05 The Problem With Pre-Made Funnels?

Well, doesn't that sound reasonable? That you swipe and deploy the funnels that are working for them, so that you get the benefits they are getting?

No. And when you dig deeper into what is happening, you'll know those pre-made funnels have no chance of working.

For 3 reasons:

* Reason 1: As incredible as this might seem, many people don't buy products from the Gurus based on the merits of the product or the copy written or the proof presented. As you already know, people are irrational and they will buy irrationally.

So, what happens when it comes to Gurus?

What happens is exactly the reaction of a fan to a celebrity: The Gurus have built a large Audience. Within this Audience, there is a large number of raving fans who simply buy because the Guru released that product. They don't even read the copy or the sales page, they get excited, worship that Guru and imagine whatever the Guru says is the ultimate truth, and they will buy as soon as the product is launched.

So, to you, a normal human being without such a huge list and without hundreds or thousands of raving fans, will you get that same result that Gurus get thanks to their celebrity status?


A lot of their results come from their raving fans and celebrity status. Which also means that their supposed A/B Split testing for the funnels containted in their courses isn't statistically significant at all because there is no control group involved.

* Reason 2: Most Guru Funnel Sellers don't even use what they teach! 

To the astute observers such as myself who took the time to compare what they teach to what they do, I noticed something really remarkable:

Almost no Guru applies what he tells his students to do!

They use other methods, methods that rely on personality, self-aggrandization and self-promotion rather than proper ethical persuasion or whatever they are selling in their funnel.

So, most of what they sell as their funnel is just what sounds good, what people will get excited about, whatever they can package as a magical snake-oil method that looks new and different... Even if what is new and different about make makes it less performing than the old and tested!

Not all do this, but many more than you'd expect do.

* Reason 3: This concerns the few rare people who sell marketing and sales Funnels that they have tested in a market where they don't have celebrity, and therefore are using funnels properly.

However, even for those people, you cannot really replicate their success...


Yes, you've heard that right.

Let go for a second of all the Internet Marketing jargon, and the thought that there is one market and the misconception that all people are the same, and let's go work with a metaphor:

Would a marketing funnel selling cows to farmers in Sicily be the same as a marketing funnel to sell office supplies to corporations in London and the same as selling apples to shoppers in Santa Monica, California?

No, it's not even close. No matter how much "proof" any of them shows, it does not apply to any of the others.

### 1.06 People's Objection

And I can hear some people saying: "Oh, but those are so different! I'm selling online courses / coaching services / consulting / whatever; and the Guru tested them for the same exact thing!"


I mean, are you telling me that the Marketing Funnel for Aspirine should be the same as Viagra, and that both would be identical to a vaccine for the Coronavirus?!

All are medicine. Why shouldn't they copy and paste each other's copy and funnel and be done with it!

"Oh no, those are still different!" You say.

Well, imagine a very specific product: Blue jeans.

Would someone selling blue jeans to fishermen say the same exact thing and have the same exact jeans look and the same exact funnel steps as selling blue jeans to party goers who want to look fashionale and have fun, and the same as selling blue jeans to coportate executives to wear on Casual Fridays?

How similar would the funnel be in selling those? Not even 10% the same!

And we can go even more granular: Selling blue jeans to executives from a tech startup is not the same as selling blue jeans to bankers. It won't look the same, the benefits won't be the same, what is written will not be the same at all.

### 1.07 The 3-Step Solution In Theory

To be effective in business, you have to understand WHY things are being done. In this case: What is the purpose of marketing funnels?

And to understand this, I invite you to take a step back and look at things from a deeper principle view:

Why would a person buy from you?

* They want a solution (They have a problem)
* They know you can help them (There is proof which creates trust)
* They see you as superior to other options (Positioning)

So, taking into consideration these 3 elements:

* If someone has a problem but isn't aware of how serious it is, if you help them become aware of its severity, they will be more motivated to buy.
* If someone needs help but aren't sure you can deliver on your promises, you can prove to them that you will deliver on your promise, and even reduce their risk through a guarantee.
* If they have a problem, and know you can fix it, but are overwhelmed by other choices that can work, you display to them your positioning to show your uniquness and how you can be the superior choice for their specific situation.

So, what is the purpose of a funnel?

It's to complete any missing piece from the equation needed for people to be motivated to buy.

As simple as that.

Or taking it even more conceptually and generalizing it further:

The purpose of the funnel is to give people what they need so that you can have what you want.

And I'll tell a story that, at first, might seem unrelated, but it really isn't:

A few years ago, I had a beautiful ragdoll cat. His name is Sparkle. It's a really loving cat that enjoys to spend time with me and to sit in my lap.

However, when I need to do work, my cat notices my focus and comes to sit right on top of my laptop's keyboard or wants to sit right on my lap.

So, to fix this: I close the door to my home-office when I need to work, leaving Sparkle my cat outside.

When Sparkle notices this, and he needs attention, he comes to my door and keep scratching it, scratching it, scratching it non stop.

So, aware of what is going on, I have a simple solution: I go, open the door, play a little with my cat, massage his belly, scratch his chin, leaving him purring and happy.

Then, Sparkle goes to sleep satisfied, and I can return to work without any nuisance. We both got what we wanted.

How does this relate to funnels?!

It is simple: What I wanted is for my cat to not make noise or distract me from my work. And what my cat needed for that is to get enough attention and care. So I gave him his care, and he gave me my peace and quiet.

How is that similar to funnels?

It's very similar. When one of the 3 elements needed for motivation to buy are missing, you simply complete them in a way that is specific to your prospects and to your product.

Then, when all the elements are satisfied, people will buy.

It's the strategy that Bobby Axelrod from the show Billions talked about when he said: "It’s like when salespeople are cold-calling; they try to get the customer to say “yes”. The way I see it is…never give them a reason to say “no” – because if you take “no” out of the vocabulary, “yes” is the only word left!"

That is the deep purpose of the Funnel: To complete all the elements so that "No" is taken out of the equation, then all that is left for people is to say "Yes".

Or, thinking about it another way: The deeper purpose of a marketing funnel is to take away all possible objections so that there are not objections possible when you make the offer.

However way you do that, whether following the concept of the funnel, or in your emails, or in a sales letter, or in a product launch formula, or in a book or whaver, you are achieving the goal of the funnel, and you don't NEED a funnel anymore.

This is also why you CANNOT buy a ready-made funnel. Because the specific objections to you are very targeted to the prospects who are interested in you in the first place, and to the specific positioning of your product. And since by definition your positioning should be unique, therefore your answers to objections will be too personalized and unique to you for them to work!

### 1.08 The 3-Step Solution In Practice

That's very nice and theoretical. So how to apply this today, for free, in your business or in your startup / new online business?

Simple, you use the Ask-Position-Build formula:

(1) Ask: If you were to think up all possible objections, you will find the varities almost as unique as each person you'll meet.

So, if you brainstorm them, you will have way more objections and elements to handle than you have time and space.

Then, what to do? Oh, it's simpler than you may imagine.


Ask your prospects.

Ask your clients.

Ask your niche.

Whether through an interview or Surveys or reading Amazon review or blog comments, you have to dive deep into the worldview of your prospects, and preferably find the true objections that they won't even admit to themselves until probed by someone who knows what he's doing.

And you are such a person, aren't you?

Your goal in this first step is to understand deeply what is on the minds of your prospects, so that you know what is missing that they need to be totally eager to buy from you.

Talk to them. Interact with them. Ask them questions. Watch their behavior. Notice what they tell you when you offer them to buy.

And you will have GOLD that will keep your bank account full for years to come.

(2) Position: This is the other side of the coin, and in StoryBonding, we do not believe that you pretend to have a Positiong just because there is space for it in the marketplace.

Your positioning comes from who you truly are, from what makes you stand out, from the things you take for granted, things that come easily to you so you don't view them as unique, but to a wise outside observer, they can see those hidden gems clearly.

So, you need to have clarity on your Positioning and if you need help with that, listen to the episode on this Podcast that is concerned with Powerful Personal Positioning. It will give you great insights.

(3) Build Your Argument: That's another way to think about your funnel, as your argument to why you are the right choice for them and why they should buy now.

You take what is on your prospects' minds...

Then take your positioning...

And put both on a piece of paper, and look at your positioning and think:

How can I use my Positioning to fill the gaps, to complete what is missing on my prospects' minds so that they are eager to buy from me today?

Remember those 3 elements from earlier: Problem, Proof, and Positioning.

Look whether what is missing is within each of them.

So, if they don't feel their problem is urgent, then your argument should include enough information to wake them up to the severity of their problem, and how much it gets worse with each day that passes without them doing anything about it...

If they don't believe that you can deliver on the promises and solve their problem, then fill your argument with proof, testimonials, case studies, and demonstrations that show you are the real deal, so there is absolutely no doubt...

If they don't see you as unique, then behold your Positioning and communicate it in every way: from your stories, to your archetypal imagery, to testimonials from others, to even saying it loud and clear.

That's it. That's the free plan. Implement it today.


Step 1: Ask people, and determine what objetions that are stopping them from buying, related to Problem, Proof and Positioning. 

Step 2: Clarify your Positioning so it is truly authentic and unique, and therefore you can communicate it powerfully. 

Step 3: Use all that previous information to build an argument, a case that destroys all those objections and leaves only "Yes" as the logical option when you present your offer and ask people to buy.

And you can do that using a funnel or emails or a book or a youtube video or a series of videos or any form of communication, even handwitten letter, as long as you do it.

### 1.09 Mistaken Thoughts

(1) Can't It Be Quicker?

Please, don't say this.

This process doesn't need to take much time, but even if it does, how valuable would it be for you to destroy all objections to buying from you, so you only hear YES, YES, and YES when you ask people to buy?

So, give it as much time as it needs. Start even if it's finding out one small objection and creating something that dismantles it, it makes a difference. Every little bit counts.

(2) How do I know if I did it correctly?

Oh, that part can be done quickly, and your options are varied and good.

You can ask an expert to review what you've done and give you the answers you need.

And you can simply test it: expose real prospects to your argument and see what happens, and that will always be the best solution, because how people will vote with their wallets is ALWAYS the most honest signal to success.

### 1.10 Call-To-Action

I'm glad you've listened so far. You're one of the people who is serious about his success, and I like that.

So, if you liked what you've heard, and you'd like help to specifically implement this in your own business, to your own situation, or to review what you're doing to know whether you're on the right track, then email me today at: and let's begin a conversation about how I can help and support you.

### 1.11 Prime Directive Reminder

And remember, don't sell, sell, sell. Instead: bond, StoryBond.

Because human bonds are and will always be the highest form of competitive advantage.

### 1.11 Get Control

And when you create your own unique objection-destroying argument, you have true control: The control over the sales in your business...

Where your sales become consistent, your revenues steady, something you can count on...

Where you can know exactly how many sales you'll be making per day, per week, and per month and getting better and better.

And it feels really good to have such a level of control, where you don't feel like a feather in the storm not knowing what will happen next... But you've done your research and the work to understand your market. And that's the most valuable piece of intel you can ever get in business.

Then, you'll be calmer and happier, and your family will notice, your friends will notice, other people will notice.

They'll notice a new sparkle in your eye, a tranquility in your view, and no more stress or anxiety caused by uncertainty and doubts in your business.

Control is really what it's all about.

And then, you will actually be able to work less and have time to do the things that matter to you: Whether it's doing more of your hobbies, or traveling more, or spending more time with your kids...

Or even being a force for good in this world volunteering to help those in need and to change the course of the future for the better...

All because you've made your sales more predictable, and reclaimed your valuable time to use elsewhere where you'll be remembered, where you'll leave your mark on the world, where you'd have made someplace somewhere somewhow better because of you.

And that's the true root of happiness. And that's what life is really all about.


Begin today. Begin now. Don't wait another second.

Thank You for your time